16:23 | April 2, 2017



It’s finally up! <3

10:13 | April 2, 2017



Good morning from my sofa! I’m sitting here with Janni and blogging, Xenia is still sleeping. I’m soon going to make porridge for us with peanut butter,nuts, berries and shredded coconut. I think I will vlog today, not sure how that will be since we are partying tonight but I will try my best to catch a bit of our moments together here. We are having such a good time together. Last night when we came home we watched 4 chapters of 13 Reasons Why, suuuch a good serie I really recommend it. It’s about what social media/phones can do to young people if it goes really wrong. See it!! Sorry I don’t have so much time to write anything more. Love, N


7:48 | April 1, 2017



Skirt: Pull & Bear // Shirt: Guess // Bag: Gucci

We are off to the gym now and after that we are picking up Xenia! Janni came yesterday and we just strolled around in the city and had some late lunch. It’s so nice to have her here, we have so much to talk about like always which I love haha. It was going to rain the whole day today but it’s super sunny outside so I hope that this weather will continue. Xenia came here to skip the bad weather in Germany so it would suck if it starts raining today when she comes haha. Tomorrow we are meeting up my Swedish friends here in Barcelona. They want to go to Nuba so we are going there. I’ve not been there in a long time so I’m looking forward to it. Janni is making smoothie bowl now so I’m going to enjoy that now! This is luxury for me haha! Love, N


Nu ska vi till gymmet och efter det ska vi hämta upp Xenia! Janni kom till oss igår runt 14.00, vi åkte till Barcelona direkt och åt en sen brunch. Så himla kul att ha henne här, vi har så mycket att prata om som vanligt haha. Det skulle regna hela dagen idag men solen skiner så jag hoppas verkligen inte att börjar regna sen. Xenia kom hit för för att slippa kalla vädret i Tyskland så det vore lite tråkigt om det skulle regna idag haha. Imorgon ska vi möta upp mina svenska vänner här i Barcelona. Vi ska till Nuba, jag har inte varit där på lång tid. Janni håller på att göra en bowl smoothie, lyx!! Love, N 

7:04 | March 31, 2017



Soon reunited with these two <3 Janni & Xenia

Good morning babes! It’s friiiyaaaay! Janni booked a ticket yesterday to Barcelona so she is on her way to Barcelona right now! Every time we have meet it has been super spontaneous haha. Still can’t get over how we booked Paris in the middle of the night and went the morning after. Xenia, the girl I was in Milan with is also coming here tomorrow wihoo! We are going to have a girls weekend together. It’s just sucks that it has been sunny since I came home and now it says rain 2 days?! At least on Sunday-Monday it says 20 degrees and sun so I guess we will go for some shopping tomorrow. It will be so fun to have them here. I have  to tell you that it’s quite hard to sync your schedule with two other bloggers that’s why it’s always so spontaneous when we meet. One of us has always something to do. Anyway I have to go and buy food now. Love, N


Godmorgon babes! Det är äntligen freeedag! Janni bokade en resa till Barcelona igår så hon är påväg hit haha. Varje gång vi ses så är det super spontant. Kommer aldrig glömma hur vi bokade Paris mitt i natten och åkte morgonen efter. Xenia, tjejen som jag var med i Milano är också påväg hit wihoo! Vi ska ha en riktig tjejhelg tillsammans. Vädret suger dock, vad hände? Det har varit så fint hela veckan och nu när de kommer står det regn i två dagar?! De får åtminstone sol på söndag-måndag, det står 20 grader och sol då. Äh vi får shoppa eller något imorgon, det ska bli så kul att ha de här. Jag måste säga att det är sjukt svårt att synka våra scheman då någon av oss alltid har något att göra. Kanske därför varje gång bli väldigt spontant, om vi inte får ett jobb tillsammans så klart. Nej nu ska jag gå och handla! Love, N  

8:45 | March 30, 2017



A little photo mix from Milano

Good morning babes! We started our day with a very..very green smoothie. Oscar loved it, not haha. Anyway I’m going to get ready now, we are going in to Barcelona very soon. It’s seriously summer here! So freaking warm haha..On Saturday I’m meeting up with some of my Swedish girlfriends here in Barcelona and on Sunday it’s time for some party. I can’t even remember the last time I partied haha? Barcelona has (according to me) one of the best nightlifes, I always have fun when I go out here. I saw that someone asked me when the commercial with Guess will be out, I think it will be in the beginning of May! It’s a world wide campaign so I will let you know. I have to get ready now. Talk to you later! Love, N