20:17 | April 8, 2017





So we are in Paris. We only have one “free” day here since I’m going to be in a studio for two days shooting with Loréal! So excited to be here and do this work with them. So far I can’t tell what I’m shooting for but when I can I will let you know. My legs are sooo tired now and both me and Oscar has crashed on the bed. We are to tired to go out and eat so we will just have some room service. I’ve eaten so unhealthy these days and then I saw that they had home made french fries and I decided to continue being unhealthy haha. It’s going to be a long day tomorrow but don’t forget to check out my Instagram stories for more updates. Still a bit chocked by what happened yesterday but also very relieved that all my loved ones in Stockholm are fine. Uh, don’t forget to spread love around you <3  Love, N

20:29 | April 7, 2017



Today is a very sad day in in the Swedish history and I’m still in shock. I couldn’t believe it when I read the news, it’s still hard to understand it. My thoughts goes out to the people that lost their life today and to their families. Or to whole Stockholm, everyone is probably feeling like there is a big grey cloud above them. I get a bit sad/irritated with people hating on the Swedish bloggers for writing about Stockholm today. I’ve got around 5 comments today “why don’t you write about Syria, Lebanon etc” “All the bloggers are writing about it because it’s a rich country”. Yes I know weird right? But I’ve actually got these comments today. I don’t normally write about tragedies, I think it’s enough that we suffer from reading it in the news. My blog is for something else, I want you to get happy when you see my videos/photos. But today it’s about my home country. I can’t believe that I have to defend myself for writing about this this but yes there are some ignorant people out there. Sweden is my home, I had friends that was in the same spot when it happened. It was something very close to me, so I feel like I have to write about it and express my feelings. I’m so sad and I’ve been in a shock, I don’t know how many text messages I’ve been sending today but I think it’s my record. I know many people goes through this every day, it’s sad and so unfair. We live in a sad and unfair world but we have to stand up and continue to be there for each other. Don’t forget to show each other love, spread love around you, it doesn’t cost you anything <3

6:31 | April 7, 2017



I think that my blog has been so boring lately. I’ve not felt inspired at all..But after some hours on Pinterest I actually feel like I’m a bit more inspired. Both when it comes to outfits, details, interior etc..I really want to start sharing more fun posts but I don’t know how often I shall blog? I feel like 1 post/day is enough + 1-2 videos every week and Instagram everyday. What do you think? By the way I went a bit crazy on some webshops yesterday haha! I don’t even want to see how much I spent. But you know you’ve spent a lot when your bank sends you text messages haha. Yes, my bank here in Spain sends me text messages if I’ve spent over a certain amount of money. Some packages has already arrived so I will go and pick it up later. I wanted to order it before Paris so I’m happy it arrived in time, or at least 1 of 3. I also have to book tickets to Sweden today, going there in the beginning of June woooop! My cousin is graduating from high school, yes in Sweden it’s a big thing haha. I guess one of the biggest things in a young Swedes life, believe it or not. It feels like I graduated yesterday but it was 6 years ago, aaah I’m getting old haha. I don’t even want to celebrate my birthday this year, anxiety. Anyway I have to go! Love love looove, N

14:19 | April 6, 2017



Pictures by: Oscar Miño <3

Today we are just running around in different interior shops. Today we bought two new carpets, finally. A big one for the living room and one for the bathroom, both in white. Oscar is taking his brother to the hospital so I’m just going to clean the apartment. A lot of boxes eeeverywhere and it’s quite dusty everywhere so I’m just going to put on Ed Sheerans song Barcelona and cleane/dance around. Am I the only one that can’t clean without listening to music or a podd cast? I kind of enjoy cleaning if I have a good podcast or good music haha. We are also planing what to do with our balcony, not sure if I want to make a mini sofa there or keep a table with two chairs? Today we saw the floor we are putting on the balcony, I think it’s going to be so nice! Love, N

12:22 | April 5, 2017


Outfits By: EMITAZ

 Top: Zalando similar (HERE) // Boots: Zara // Skirt: Zara // Jacket: H&M similar HERE // Bag: Gucci (Contains ad links)

I got so many questions about this outfit on Instagram, so here we have it! We are making granola and soon we are off to the gym. Yesterday was crazy haha, we went from home really early in the morning and came home around 20.00. Just meetings and shooting collaborations the whole day. Our whole home smells granola mmmm! It’s been a while since we had it at home, as you know we like to make it by ourselves. This time I used gluten free oatmeal, excited to see how that tastes. By the way it’s just 1 week util I’m off to L.A!! So freaking excited for it. my first time at Coachella. Some days after Coachella Oscar is joining us in L.A. Really excited for that, we are meeting up Xenia as well at Coachella! I have a feeling we are going to have so much fun there. Anyway I have to get dressed now. Love, N