9:41 | August 10, 2015


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Hello babes. We just arrived in Unawatuna, my favorite place in Sri-Lanka. We booked a room at Cantaloupe Hotels (link here), I will write about all the places and adventures we do since so many of you have asked about it. So far we are sooo happy with this hotel and it was even nicer than the pictures. Such a beautiful view and the staff is amazing. The weather is not so good today so we will book a time for some spa now and later we will go out and eat dinner. I hope the weather will be better tonight becuase I really want to enjoy the golden sunset here. Love, N


17:43 | August 5, 2015



Magic moments with him. As I have told you Menorca was one of the best trips I have ever done, it was really amazing! This video is a little sum up of our days in Menorca, but also from some of our adventures outside Barcelona. So my question is, more videos like this? I would love to continue but only if you like it. If you are from Germany and can’t see the video, don’t worry it’s comming up on another chanel for you! Lots of love, N

16:37 | August 2, 2015




Packing, packing & more packing… I can’t believe it’s only 4 days left until we sit on a plane on our way to my Sri-Lanka: 50% of my roots… I have a feeling that this trip will be magic. I have not seen my relatives in 4 years now so I really miss them! And in November it’s time to visit my other half: Sweden. The good thing about being a mixed kid is that you have 2 countries to visit hehe. One in the tropics and one in the north, so I can’t really complain. But I have to say that I feel much happier when the weather is warm… well, who doesn’t? I have to go to bed early today because I have a photoshoot with Double Agent tomorrow! Love, N


Packa, packa och packa! Kan inte riktigt förstå att vi sitter på ett flygplan påväg till älskade Sri-Lanka om 4 dagar, 50% av mina rötter är därifrån. Jag har en känsla av att den här resan kommer att bli magisk. Det var över 4 år sedan jag såg mina släktingar där så jag har verkligen saknat de! Och i November är det dags för den andra halvan – Sverige! Lyxen att vara från två olika länder, en i tropiska Asien och en i norra Europa – jag klagar inte! Måste dock säga att jag trivs bättre i värmen… fast vem gör inte? Måste lägga mig tidigt idag då jag har en plåtning med Double Agent imorgon! Love, N