2:13 | August 19, 2015




It’s early in the morning here in Tissamaharama, we are soon going to Ella. We have planned to stay there for 2 days and then take the train to Kandy to see the famous carnaval! I’m so excited for that and I can’t wait to show Oscar the dancing and music culture they have here. Yesterday we went to another safari with 500 elephants and after that to a place were they take care of baby elephants without parents or very injured. It was really fun to see! Love, N


7:41 | August 17, 2015


Outfits By: EMITAZ,Wanderlust
OMP_2764 Natascha LankaOMP_2712OMP_2749 OMP_2728


Romper: L123 (HERE) // Shoes: Stradivarius // Bag: Zara

Last evening in Cantaloupe Level Hotels..After this photos we had some drinks and watched the sunset, it was magic. I know that I have been pretty bad updating outfits during my Sri-Lanka trip. But seriously I’m just walking around in converse and shorts – it’s tooo warm to take outfit pictures in this country..I end up sweating after just 2 minutes , but i hope you enjoy my pictures anyway! Today we have been to Yala safari..So fun!! We woke up 03.30 in the night to be there 05.00 and see the animals being active in the sunrise. We saw so many crocodiles, exotic birds and one elephant. We are doing it all over again tomorrow, hoping to see more wild elephants! Love, N

15:20 | August 15, 2015



OMP_3237OMP_3232-2Sunsets in Talpe (Picture taken outside of Aqua Hotel)

Hello from Tissamaharama (south Sri-Lanka)! It’s time for safari and adventure, we are sooo excited. I love the beach but it’s time for some action and adventure. My mother is from Tissamaharama so I’m also visiting my family here, I have not seen them in 5 years. We went by bus from Gale and it took around 5 hours so we are pretty tired right now. The last night we stayed in Hotel Aqua in Talpe, it was so beautiful and the sunset was amazing as you can see. I really recommend Aqua hotel if you want to live beside the beach. Love, N

5:44 | August 13, 2015



Cantaloupe Levels Hotel

Last day in Cantaloupe Levels Hotel. I love waking up here, the hotel is not that big and it only has 9 rooms so everyone knows everyone here which is really nice. Today we worked out a bit in the pool before eating our breakfast..And what a breakfast! This is not everything we ordered but I was so full after it that we had to rest before starting todays adventure haha..Today we are going to Hikkaduwa a beach close to here. We have been here 6 days now and I have started to understand how much I have missed Sri-Lanka. It’s my 8:th time here and I never get tired! Love, N

14:58 | August 11, 2015

The Sea Turtle Hatchery



Today we visited  The Sea Turtle Hatchery close to Unawatuna. I have been here before but I wanted to show Oscar these beautiful creatures of Sri-Lanka. It’s a place for turtles that had been injured by boats, animals and needs help to survive. It’s not expensive to see these little precious creatures swimming around waiting to be realeased into the sea, around 5€ per person. They also have many old turtles that are injured and they are reeeally big and so beautiful, but very hard to take pictures of since they like to stay under the water. Unfortunately only 1-2% of these baby turtles survies the sea, many people/animal takes them before they have even entered the sea as well.I felt so bad looking down at these babies thinking that not many here will survive..But I guess it’s the circle of life. Anyway a great experience, and you can also donate money for food and so on to the turtles. Love, N