13:13 | October 5, 2017



TODAY’S OUTFIT:  Jeans: similar HERE // Shirt: HERE // Sunglasses: HERE // Sandals: HERE (Contains ad links)


So I’ve been reading through your comments and I saw that many of you wants to see daily photos of my life so here we go! I met up with Coral for breakfast in one of my favourite places in Barcelona called Somewhere. I discovered it thanks to a friend 2 months ago and since then I’ve been addicted to their avocado and cheese  toast. Everytime any of my friends asks me where I want to go we go here haha. It’s one of the few places in Barcelona where they offer more than a baguette with ham. I like to have smoothies, pancakes, avocado, granola in the morning and they have it there. I’m working quite a lot these days and at the same time trying to figure out some difficult stuff but I’m really going to try to take more daily photos. I’m so happy to be back in Barcelona, it’s crazy how much I feel for this city! I really feel like home. Ok minus that I’ve been without any warm water the last 5 days..It’s been terrible since I have 3 big bags filled from fashion week with clothes that I have to wash. They finally came to fix it today so I’m going to wash a lot of clothes now, buy food and tonight I’m meeting one of my close friends here in Barcelona Emma! Talk to you later. By the way I linked the clothes I’m wearing today under the photos. Love, N

6:56 | October 4, 2017



1. HERE // 2. HERE // 3. HERE

4. HERE // 5. HERE // 6. HERE

7. HERE // 8. HERE // 9. HERE


I picked out some pieces that I would love for my autumn closet. I think that these pieces are very me, I have both the black and the white jacket. I tried to choose things in the collage that works to mix with each other. If you look at the fake leather skirt it goes perfect with the mustard yellow shirt as well with the fluffy black jacket and so on. The same with the jeans and jeans skirt. I’m really thinking about ordering the mustard yellow shirt, big fan of this colour during autumn. This colour + red lips. By the way it’s still to warm in Barcelona to wear jackets and to be honest I’m not liking it at all. I can’t wait to be able to wear my autumn jackets and dress a bit more fall. I feel like it’s still summer here since I see people on the streets with shorts and t-shirts. I guess my Swedish followers wants to kill me while reading this but I’m really done with summer. It’s time for breakfast now and then I have the first meeting of the day. Love, N

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20:32 | October 3, 2017



One of the days in Milan me and Janni made a video for Karl Lagerfeld where we got to style some different very typical Karl Lagerfeld looks! The idea was to have a “twin theme” during the photoshoot and I think we managed pretty well. We had so much fun during this day and I really liked the different looks, my favourite must be the first one. A very typical Karl look. Jon, Jannis boyfriend took some really cool photos of us so if you want to check out more looks go to Jannis blog here. By the way it feels so good to be back on Youtube again, I have a couple of more videos to post so stay tuned this and next week. Love, N 

– In collaboration with Karl Lagerfeld 

8:15 | October 2, 2017






So guys, no more excuses, I’m back on track! You know I’ve gone though a lot of stuff these last months. Anyway it feels so good to be back in Barcelona, my home. Back to routines. I love to travel and I love that my work never is the same. But I’m also a very “home” person. I love being home, schedule my week and have routines. And I really feel like I need that after 1,5 month of none stop travelling. I’ve been in Malibu, Kiruna, New York, Madrid, Milan, Cannes and Paris. Amazing memories in each city but I’m so ready to be home now haha!  I haven’t shared posts in a while so I thought I would start sharing some photos from Cannes, I was there some days ago with Isadora. I was there with some other Swedish bloggers and we had a really great time together even though I was really sick the second day. I have done a vlog from every trip so that will be up very soon!Today I’m having a meeting with Guess and then I’m going to search for a gym in my new neighbourhood. Love, N

8:14 | October 2, 2017



So this autumn I have decided to focus a lot more on the blog so now I need your help. What do you guys want to read about and how often should I update? Fashion inspiration, outfits, interior, daily photos, tips? For me it’s also very important that you like the content here in the blog. I’m so excited for this so let me know in the comment field!  Love, N