10:02 | January 31, 2016


Interior Inspiration1

We got the sketch from our apartment the other day, aaaah!! We are so excited to move now..It will be amazing! It will take a while until we move though since we are renovating every single room, changing the floor and windows etc. Our living room will be so big so we really have to figure out to do with that space. Oscar is so excited for the kitchen and I’m so excited for the walk in closet haha..I think I will be able to post the sketch in a few days so you can see it here. I love the walls of the last picture to the right, the grey dusty look! Thinking about painting our bedroom like that..Love, N

18:25 | January 23, 2016


Interior Inspiration1Interior Inspiration1-001

Picture source: Pinterest 

Scrolling through Pinterest and looking for some inspiration..since..we..are..moving! YAAAS! We are not moving now but in some months (I have to wait for Oscar to be done with his exam and so on). And after that we are moving to a bigger apartment. And guess what? You will be with me through this journey since I will make videos and also film it on my Snapchat (emitaz6). Right now we are just collecting inspiration and trying to figure out how use the different rooms..I also made some skisses yesterday since we probably will take down at least 3 walls in the apartment. It will be a really big project and I can’t wait to start it!! Since you know I’m crazy about interior so I hope that you want to see videos and the process of the apartment here on the blog. Love, N

13:15 | January 16, 2016


OMP_2040OMP_2036OMP_2050 Documents3

Yesterday I went to Tierra Extraña which is one of my favourite interior shops here in Barcelona. They have a lot of industrial interior stuff which I love. The shop is not so cheap but it’s one of the few shops in Barcelona that has this “industrial touch” in furnitures and decorations. I found the cushions in Primark on sale for 3€ each and the candle for 2€!  I bought some new things for my desk as well (which I don’t even have yet) haha..I was going to order one online but we just measured the place I was going to have the desk in and it was to small. Today we have been searching for some bookshelves without any result..I could never imagine that it would be so hard to find a bookshelf haha..Not even Ikea has ones that are 1,50. We will try again next week. I was not sure if I was going to post this or not, but I know that some of you wants to see what I buy for our home as well. Hit the heart button if you liked this post, then I know if I shall continue or not ♥ Love, N

10:17 | January 2, 2016



At Miño/Lindmarks home it’s all about packing today. Since we always travel with a lot of camera/video equipment (and my clothes haha), we really have to plan it good. Our plane leaves at 6 tomorrow morning so we have to wake up at 4 tonight. I will have two friends staying in our home when we are gone so they will take us to the airport. A really lazy outfit picture will be up later..So stayed tuned! Love, N


Hemma hos Miño/Lindmark packar vi för fullt idag. Eftersom att vi reser med tusen olika kamera/video saker (och mina kläder) haha så måste vi verkligen planera det bra. Vårat plan går klockan 6 imorgon bitti så vi måste vakna runt 4. Två av mina vänner ska bo här när vi är borta så de kör oss till flygplatsen. En bekväm outfit kommer upp senare..Kika in här då! Love, N 

20:31 | January 1, 2016

1 JANUARY 2016


2016 ♥

I can’t even explain how excited I am for this year. I have so many plans that I want to do this year and goals that I want to achieve. By the way I got a new calendar from Showpo, I’m a person that really uses calendars, to-do lists, schedules and so on. I can’t function without them haha..Oscar is soon coming home so we will order some food..We are leaving tomorrow night and no supermarkets are open now so we will just order some food home. I had a great evening and night yesterday. Check out my snapchat (Emitaz6) to see some parts from my new year. I hope you had a great night as well and that all of you will have a awsome year!! Thank you for all the comments, mails & LOVE that I have got from you 2015. It means so much to me. Let’s do this!! Lots of love, N


Jag kan inte beskriva hur mycket jag ser fram emot det här året. Jag har så många planer och mål jag vill nå. Föresten jag fick en ny kalender från Showpo, jag är en person som verkligen använder min kalender, gör to-do listor, scheman osv..Kan verkligen inte fungera utan de haha. Oscar kommer hem snart, då ska vi beställa mat..Vi åker imorgon och inga matbutiker är öppna idag så det blir att beställa käk. Jag hade en riktigt bra kväll/natt under nyår. Kolla in min Snapchat: Emitaz6 för att se lite detaljer från mitt nyår. Jag hoppas att ni fick ett riktigt bra nyår och att ni får ett grymt år! Tack för alla kommentarer, mail och kärlek ni gett mig under 2015, det betyder så otroligt mycket. Nu kör vi!! Massa kärlek, N