14:42 | April 14, 2016




// Photos from the other day. Showroom of Zegarcia & Bimbas restaurant in Barcelona.

Hello from Sweden! The flight went very good and I met some sweet followers on the airport in Barcelona, you guys are the best! <3 It makes me so happy when you come and say hello..or hola! ;P My mother and her best friend are picking us up very soon so I have to write this very fast. I’m going to be in Gothenburg for 3 days only and then I’m going to Stockholm f or 3 days so I will try to enjoy these days with my family and friends. We are so happy to be here and it feels a bit unreal! After 1 year and 4 months I’m finally in the city I’m born in, so many things has changed in just 1 year! The first thing I did when I came home was to drink water from the tap, oooh my!! Sweden really has the best water in the world hehe. I have to pack up some things now. Lots of love, N


Hej från Sverige! Resan hit gick jätte bra och jag träffade några av er på flygplatsen i Barcelona, ni är bäst! <3 Blir så glad när ni kommer fram och säger hej..eller hola vid det här laget hehe! ;P Min mamma och hennes bästa vän ska strax hämta upp oss så jag måste skriva det här snabbt. Vi ska bara vara i Göteborg 3 dagar och efter det Stockholm 3 dagar så jag ska verkligen njuta av den här tiden med min familj och vänner. Känns så kul att vara här! Efter ett år och fyra månader så är jag äntligen tillbaka i älskade Göteborg. Saker har verkligen förändrats under bara 1 år! Det första jag gjorde var att dricka kranvatten haha, Sverige har verkligen världens bästa kranvatten. Nu ska jag packa upp min väska och vänta in mami. Love, N 

8:55 | April 5, 2016


OMP_7178OMP_7687 strosaruntOMP_7610Morocco-001 OMP_7439IMG_0297OMP_7620

Hello babes! Sorry for not updating yesterday we ended up in a new friends house having dinner and loads of Moroccan tea hehe. Just loving it here, the people, culture, FOOD..I’m so happy we came here. We are going back to Barcelona in just two days because Oscar is going to be a photographer on one of my sweet followers wedding(!!). Today we are going to the market because I want to buy some things before we go back home. I’ve already bought some stuff that I’m so happy with! Now it’s time for breakfast and after that we will continue to explore the city! I got some really great news today so I guess I will be walking on clouds the whole day hehe. Love,N <3

22:17 | April 3, 2016




Hi guys! We have been exploring a lot today! I’m IN LOVE with Marrakesh <3 It’s just so amazing and everything is so beautiful! Both me and Oscar just want to stop and take pictures everywhere hehe. We are so far quite lucky with the weather. We read that it was going to rain the whole week so we were a bit sad about that but we’ve only had sun today with some few clouds. In the shadow is fresh and in the sun is not too hot. I’ve been here 1 day and I’m already planning to go back – but next time with an empty suitcase (just like one of my followers told me to do). I just want to buy everything!! I have to go now! Such an embarrassing thing happened to me earlier today, when we came home I realised that I had a giant hole (on the butt) in my pants! I hope that I didn’t bend or anything because you could really see it haha… Only me. Love, N

Hej finisar! Vi har utforskat staden idag. Jag är helt förälskad i Marrakesh. Det är så vackert här! Både jag och Oscar vill bara stanna och fota överallt hehe. Vi har än så länge tur med vädret, vi läste nämligen dagen innan vi skulle åka att det skulle vara regn hela veckan. Men idag har det varit sol med några enstaka moln. Jag har varit här en dag och planerar redan att åka tillbaka – nästa gång med en tom resväska (precis som en av mina följare sa till mig att göra). Jag vill bara köpa allt haha! Vi hörs snart. Love, N

10:02 | January 31, 2016


Interior Inspiration1

We got the sketch from our apartment the other day, aaaah!! We are so excited to move now..It will be amazing! It will take a while until we move though since we are renovating every single room, changing the floor and windows etc. Our living room will be so big so we really have to figure out to do with that space. Oscar is so excited for the kitchen and I’m so excited for the walk in closet haha..I think I will be able to post the sketch in a few days so you can see it here. I love the walls of the last picture to the right, the grey dusty look! Thinking about painting our bedroom like that..Love, N

18:25 | January 23, 2016


Interior Inspiration1Interior Inspiration1-001

Picture source: Pinterest 

Scrolling through Pinterest and looking for some inspiration..since..we..are..moving! YAAAS! We are not moving now but in some months (I have to wait for Oscar to be done with his exam and so on). And after that we are moving to a bigger apartment. And guess what? You will be with me through this journey since I will make videos and also film it on my Snapchat (emitaz6). Right now we are just collecting inspiration and trying to figure out how use the different rooms..I also made some skisses yesterday since we probably will take down at least 3 walls in the apartment. It will be a really big project and I can’t wait to start it!! Since you know I’m crazy about interior so I hope that you want to see videos and the process of the apartment here on the blog. Love, N