21:14 | October 22, 2017

October look

Outfits By: EMITAZ

Skirt: Similar HERE // Cardigan: Old, similar HERE // Bag: LV // Boots: Stradivarius HERE (Contains ad links)

I don’t think I ever have experienced such a warm October like this one. It’s even to warm to wear a jacket during the daytime. I shouldn’t be complaining but I’m kind of longing for a cold autumn. Warm tea, blankets and to wear warmer clothes. This cardigan was on the limit of being to warm. By the way managed to catch this beautiful light earlier today. I really love shooting backlight, it’s just something more magic with the photos. On Tuesday I have decided to record a vlog here in Barcelona, just a normal classic Barcelona vlog, I know I’m not the best in making them. I feel like they always turn out boring but I guess you just want to see what I’m up to here anyway. I thought about showing you a small tour in my apartment as well, how about that? Time to sleep now. Love, N

13:01 | October 15, 2017



1. HERE // 2. HERE // 3. HERE //4. HERE

1. HERE // 2. HERE // 3.HERE // 4.HERE

1. HERE // 2.HERE // 3.HERE //4.HERE

1. HERE // 2. HERE // 3.HERE // 4. HERE

1. HERE // 2. HERE // 3. HERE // 4.HERE


I remember that some of you really like the “Get my style” post I did a while ago so here we go again. I basically put together clothes in collages that are very “me”. Here comes some of my autumn favourites from NAKD, one of my favourite online stores. My favourites here are the red scarf, jeans number 3 and the second blouse! I already have the jeans but I would love to match them with the black blouse and a pair of heels. It’s Sunday today and I’m going out with some friends to Nuba, but before that I’m watching one of my guy friends play basketball against Barca! Love, N




8:22 | October 12, 2017



We stayed at W hotel during these 3 days, no views make me more happy than the views over Barcelona. So much love for this city, my happy place & home. 

Met some of you outside the hotel <3 This always makes me so happy.

We did a small boat trip one of the days, really missed being on a boat! So relaxing.

Gala time

With Gio & Chloe, I had so much fun with these two! Both from France. 

Camilla performed, what a power woman! So much confident and talent. 

Got to meet her backstage as well.

With Julia & Angelica. Me and Julia has met a lot this year thanks to Guess, we did the EU festival campaign together this year. And so fun that one of my Swedish girls Angelica joined us for the first time, I always have so much fun with her!

My party & gala look. Both looks are from Marciano.

Paul Marciano

Fashion show time! So fun to see some of my friends walking the catwalk. So proud!

Ok I let the title speaks for itself. I honestly thought I was away during the weekend because that’s how these days felt like. I really love the Guess events, we always have so much fun during these days and it’s always very organised filled with fun activities. Been working with Guess for a long time so it really feels like a family right now <3 I have to be honest and say that it felt a little bit weird to stay in a hotel in Barcelona but it also gave this “vacation” feeling during these days even though we were working. First day we had a presentation during the morning about the brand, sight seeing tour in Barcelona and then it was time for the gala. I wore a black dress with lace stripes, unfortunately I don’t have any picture of the dress from behind but I really liked. Very simple and classic. Day number 2 we had yoga in the morning, went on a boat trip and then it was time for the fashion show and party! As I told you before I always have so much fun during my jobs with Guess, it’s really a brand that I enjoy working with. I tried to make a vlog during these days but I accidentally deleted some of the files so let’s see if I have any material left to work with. Love, N

20:09 | October 7, 2017



Photos from Pinterest.

So I have a new apartment in the middle of Barcelona. New apartment = new project. A project that I enjoy though so I guess it will be fine. Everything is almost done except that I need a dining table, chairs and curtains. After that I’m going to focus more on the decoration and details. I’m still very much for the Scandinavian minimalistic interior but I’m going to try my best to add some colour to my home. I know that you guys want to see the apartment and I promise you when it’s more done I’m going to do a house tour and add some photos here on the blog. The photos above are from Pinterest and I’ve used them as an inspiration to my apartment. Like this but with more colours! One of my best friends here in Barcelona,  Emma is going to help me with the plants and flowers and my other friend Amanda is going to help me with curtains and decoration. Both of them are really good in these things so I’m lucky! I hope you’re having a great weekend. Love, N

17:38 | October 5, 2017



As you can see and hear I wasn’t feeling 100% during this trip but I really tried my best to film as much as I could. We had 2 amazing days with the Isadora team and I’m really thankful to be one of their ambassadors this year! Love, N 
– In collaboration with Isadora