22:17 | April 3, 2016




Hi guys! We have been exploring a lot today! I’m IN LOVE with Marrakesh <3 It’s just so amazing and everything is so beautiful! Both me and Oscar just want to stop and take pictures everywhere hehe. We are so far quite lucky with the weather. We read that it was going to rain the whole week so we were a bit sad about that but we’ve only had sun today with some few clouds. In the shadow is fresh and in the sun is not too hot. I’ve been here 1 day and I’m already planning to go back – but next time with an empty suitcase (just like one of my followers told me to do). I just want to buy everything!! I have to go now! Such an embarrassing thing happened to me earlier today, when we came home I realised that I had a giant hole (on the butt) in my pants! I hope that I didn’t bend or anything because you could really see it haha… Only me. Love, N

Hej finisar! Vi har utforskat staden idag. Jag är helt förälskad i Marrakesh. Det är så vackert här! Både jag och Oscar vill bara stanna och fota överallt hehe. Vi har än så länge tur med vädret, vi läste nämligen dagen innan vi skulle åka att det skulle vara regn hela veckan. Men idag har det varit sol med några enstaka moln. Jag har varit här en dag och planerar redan att åka tillbaka – nästa gång med en tom resväska (precis som en av mina följare sa till mig att göra). Jag vill bara köpa allt haha! Vi hörs snart. Love, N

2:13 | August 23, 2015



After 2 days in Kandy we have decided to go to Polonnaruwa & Sigiriya for 2 days and then back to Kandy again to watch the carnaval here. I’m so tired, it’s 7 in the morning here and we shall have breakfast and then take the bus. I can’t belive that we already have done half of the trip, time has gone really fast here. But we have already booked our next adventure! Can you guess where? Love, N

11:06 | August 21, 2015


OMP_4534OMP_4530OMP_4526 OMP_4520OMP_4550


Internet didn’t work yesterday, just like in many other places around Sri-Lanka..Takes 100 years to upload a picture hehe. Anyway we are in Kandy right now after 6 hours in the train – but it was worth it. The views were amazing, I really recommend that if you visit Sri-Lanka. Aaah the air is so fresh here! We are staying at a hotel just infront of the lake in Kandy so I bet that the sunset/sunrise will be amazing here. Tonight we are watching the perahera which is the biggest festival in Sri-Lanka. Love, N

2:13 | August 19, 2015




It’s early in the morning here in Tissamaharama, we are soon going to Ella. We have planned to stay there for 2 days and then take the train to Kandy to see the famous carnaval! I’m so excited for that and I can’t wait to show Oscar the dancing and music culture they have here. Yesterday we went to another safari with 500 elephants and after that to a place were they take care of baby elephants without parents or very injured. It was really fun to see! Love, N


7:41 | August 17, 2015


Outfits By: EMITAZ,Wanderlust
OMP_2764 Natascha LankaOMP_2712OMP_2749 OMP_2728


Romper: L123 (HERE) // Shoes: Stradivarius // Bag: Zara

Last evening in Cantaloupe Level Hotels..After this photos we had some drinks and watched the sunset, it was magic. I know that I have been pretty bad updating outfits during my Sri-Lanka trip. But seriously I’m just walking around in converse and shorts – it’s tooo warm to take outfit pictures in this country..I end up sweating after just 2 minutes , but i hope you enjoy my pictures anyway! Today we have been to Yala safari..So fun!! We woke up 03.30 in the night to be there 05.00 and see the animals being active in the sunrise. We saw so many crocodiles, exotic birds and one elephant. We are doing it all over again tomorrow, hoping to see more wild elephants! Love, N