18:40 | February 6, 2017



So the Hawaii vlog part 1 is finally up! We are normally not this late but since we have been so busy with moving to our new flat we have a little excuse. Anyway it’s many hours behind the edit of this vlog so I hope you like it and don’t forget to thumb up the video if you do! Next time we are going to the tropics we are probably going to Sri-Lanka and hopefully in the end of next month. Lots of love, N


Äntligen är vi klara med Hawaii vloggen! Vi brukar vara ganska snabba med att ladda upp videor men det har varit mycket med flytten och Oscar ville verkligen lägga lite mer energi på den här vloggen, så det fick han göra. Det är många timmar som ligger bakom den här vloggen så glöm inte att ge tummen up på Youtube om ni gillar den! Nästa gång vi åker till något tropiskt land blir det kanske Sri-Lanka igen, förhoppningsvis i slutet på nästa månad.  Love, N 


18:23 | February 3, 2017




Hello from Cannes! We are staying at the Majestic Barriere Hotel, link hereI’m soooo happy to be here. We woke up 05.00 this morning so we were pretty dead when we arrived hehe. We’ve had lunch here at the hotel in a restaurant called Fouquet’s, walked around the city and then we took a massage here at the hotel. A very relaxing day with other words. It feels like we are on a little honey moon vacation without being married haha, everything is so nice here. I’m so happy that I’m finally in France! Right now the rain is pouring down but we are having a dinner soon anyway here at the hotel so it doesn’t matter. The restaurant called Fouquet’s is located in the hotel and we had such an amazing lunch there so we decided to book it again. We ate at 13.00 and it’s 19.20 and I’m still having a serious coma so I don’t know if I will make it haha, Oscar feels the same. I’m vlogging everything we do so you will probably have a video in the end of next week! Love, N 


Hej från Cannes! Vi bor på Majestic Barriere Hotel, länk här. Jag är sååå glad över att vara här. Vi gick upp 05.00 i morse så vi var rätt trött när vi kom fram till hotellet. Vi har faktiskt bara tagit det lugnt idag, strosat runt på stan, ätit lunch här på hotellet, fått massage och sedan fick vi en guidad tour runt hotellet. Det känns som att vi är på smekmånad utan att vara gifta, allt är så fint här haha. Är så glad över att jag äntligen är i Frankrike också. Just nu regnar det men det gör inte så mycket då vi ska äta middag här på hotellet, Fouquet’s är hotellets egna resturang och vi åt en helt magisk lunch där tidigare så vi bestämde oss för att boka samma igen. Vi åt klockan 13.00 och nu är klockan 19.20 och jag har fortfarande matkoma, Oscar känner likadant. Vloggar härifrån så ni får förmodligen en video i slutet av nästa vecka! Love, N 

20:01 | January 28, 2017




Both me and Oscar has been pretty bad when it comes to planing this week. We have not had any “flow” like we normally have. I guess it’s also because the weather has been bad this week and many plans has been cancelled. I have barley taken any photos this week and our Nikon is still not fixed, 3 weeks without camera, have you noticed anything? Ok I have taken some photos with the Sony but I really hate editing photos with it. We have realised that it’s time to buy another camera. I really hope we get our camera before Cannes/Monaco next week. I would have loved to have the camera during fashion week as well but I guess I will have to deliver some nice vlogs instead this week. By the way I’m having a casting this Monday for a really fun thing, you will probably see it on Wed/Thur in my Youtube channel. Anyway I’m just going to drink some tea now and clean. Here’s some pictures from Hawaii meanwhile, I still have so much more to show you. Love, N


Attans va dålig jag varit när det kommit till planering den här veckan. Både jag och Oscar har har jobbat mycket men inte liksom haft något “flow”. Kan bero på att det har regnat flera dagar och planer har ställts in. Har knappt fotat den här veckan och vår Nikon har fortfarande inte blivit fixad. 3 veckor utan kamera, har ni märkt av det? Vi har precis insett att det är dags att köpa en till kamera. Vi har fotat lite med vår Sony dock, men jag ogillar verkligen att redigera bilder med Sonyn. Hoppas verkligen att vi får kameran innan vi åker till Cannes/Monaco nästa helg. Hade gärna velat ha kameran innan fashion week här i Barcelona men får se till att leverera lite vloggar istället! Förresten på måndag ska jag på en riktigt spännande casting, är så sjukt nervös! Ni får förmodligen se vad jag gjort på onsdag/torsdag. Nu ska jag dricka te och städa undan lite, bjussar på lite bilder från Hawaii så länge. Love, N 

8:23 | January 17, 2017




BALI, INDONESIA – We went to Bali and we fell in love, planning to go back this year. We had such a amazing time there. The food was delicious and there were so many different raw food places. Our video from Bali has almost reached a half million people, insane!! I get so happy when I see it..aaah I just want to go back <3 This was our first travel vlog ever, I remember how nervous I was posting it. 


DUBAI – 3 days after we came home it was time for me to go on a work trip in Dubai with Vogue Eyewear. It was 3 really incensed days, but so fun! I was there with a big crew from Vogue eyewear and two amazing bloggers from Spain, CollageVintage & Ladyaddict.

4:th June it was time for some festival! We went to Primavera Sound and recorded a commercial with H&M. It was our big first job together and it’s something I will always remember! I also got to know Marc and Biel which I still have contact with today.Some of my friends from Sweden came to my birthday the 6 june! Filippa stayed a bit longer, we did a small road trip to Vilanova and spent 2 days there.

Some days after that Angelica & Fang came to Barcelona, we did some touristic stuff and it was really nice. I love to have visitors here because then we also explore new places haha <3

  DOMINICAN REPUBLIC – In the end of June we went to the Dominican Republic for a job, best job ever! We had so much fun during this trip and we met so many amazing people. Our travel video from Dominican Republic went really good as well you can see it here:

Travel video from Dominican Republic

A look from July. Became aunti for the 6:th time <3 Little Aleix! So much love for this kid, it’s a pitty he lives in Cyprus. Hanged out with two of my favourite girls in Barcelona. Amanda & Yohanna <3 Evenings like these are the best. Just hang on a roof top, eat tortilla, drink wine and gossip. Breakfast on the balcony with this handsome guy.Angelica came back to Barcelona & we took a looot of pictures in Sitges & Vilanova <3

ITALY – We went to Taormina 4 days before The Yacht week started to just enjoy Italy by ourselves. Then it was time for a challenge, we lived on a boat for 1 week and OH MY how much fun we had haha! It’s also one of the best experiences of this year. I got to know so many nice people during this trip, some of them has visited me here in Barcelona. So thankful that we got to be a part of this.


 MALLORCA – Some days after Italy we went to Mallorca..We celebrated 4 years together there <3 I also posted my most embarrassing video heheheheeee, or OSCAR DID. We road tripped everyday and just had a lot of fun. I really recommend Rocking Water Mallorca if you are going to Mallorca, one of the best experiences of my life. If it’s one video I can’t watch without feeling so embarrassed it’s this one. But I don’t want to delete it either haha..Anyway if you haven’t seen it here you are:



Sooooo that was my May-August! It took forever to make this post haha, so hard to not include some moments but this post is already to long hehe. Next part will be the last from 2016!

14:37 | December 26, 2016



Last vlogmas for 2016 <3
I hope you have enjoyed our little videos during our stay in Sweden. This is a video from Christmaaaas! I had so much fun and it’s always nice to hang out with my crazy family hehe. New year and Reyes Magos in Spain but Jul (Christmas) in Sweden 😉 Love, N