12:14 | July 2, 2015



Link to the hotel/apartment/house: HERE (GRUPE EL CARME)

Here is a small part our appartment! We also booked it through Grup El Carme here in Menorca. The last two nights we are staying in the appartment that is called “Bohemi” (They have different concepts in each appartment like “seaman” or “rustic”, but of course I chose the bohemic!) I thought I wanted to move into the house they offered us for the first days, but I have changed my mind: This appartment is amazing! The good thing with their booking is that the house, appartment and hotel are just 1 minute from eachother, and located in the main centre of Ciutadella, such a cosy town, specially at this time of the year. Everything has been so fresh and easy with the booking so I really recommend them if you are going to Menorca. The friends I know that has visited the island has not been so lucky with their hotels/apartments so I thought we would end up the same – but I feel so lucky. Already planning to come back in the middle of September! Love, N