8:01 | May 4, 2017



Photos from L.A 

Los Angels is photogenic, in many different ways. I recommend you to rent a car if you go to LA, they have the worst public transport and there are so many different places you can visit. The places are not always close to each other that’s why I think it’s good to rent the car at least a couple of days. Malibu has to be on your list! We went there one of the days and it was so beautiful, you maybe saw some of the scenes in my vlog, click HERE if you haven’t seen it. By the way the photo of my and Oscar kissing on the cliff is taken by a tourist haha..I love it so much, thinking about putting it into a frame? We want to go to L.A in the end of June but everyone is telling me not to go. So we are thinking about going to New York since I’ve never been there! But first up is Paris in the end of May and then Sweden. I also want to visit Janni in Marbella this summer, I have a feeling it’s going to be a crazy summer this year! Love, N

Next time I go to L.A:

– Go to the flea market, hike, go to Santa Monica pier and do a road trip to somewhere. 

22:17 | April 25, 2017



I place I really can recommend in LA is Toast Bacery Cafe

The only “problem” was that it was way to much food for me haha. I don’t think you can see how big the pancakes are but they were huge. The worst thing I know is throwing food but I was with two guys so I didn’t have to leave anything behind haha. But yes, if you’re not super hungry when you go there, share it with a friend. And oh, I really recommend the peanut butter smoothie! The place had a “normal LA price” which means around 12-15€ for the pancakes depending on what pancakes you wanted and if you wanted to add anything extra. This place is also located quite central, close to Sunset Boulevard.

By the way after reading through your comments I’ve decided to keep my posts personal with a mix of more “inspiration” posts! Many of you guys also wanted a bit more tips on my blog such as recipes, shopping places, restaurants so I will try to include that as well. I will just not do it as often. We are home from LA now but I still got some stuff to show you! Lots of love, N 

17:31 | April 21, 2017



USA – Palm Springs 
The Coachella vlog is finally here! These days went by so fast but oh my we had fun. I love travelling with Janni, we always have so much fun together even if it’s just chilling on the sofa, fashion week or festivals. She is a bit calmer than me which I think works perfect for me haha <3 No but she is a true star. I hope that you liked this video, as I mention in the last part of the video I decided to not film anything and just enjoy being there. I didn’t even take a single photo, that’s not normal for being me. But I felt like I wanted to “be there” and live every moment without the camera in my right hand..You get it. I also wanted to say a big thank you to Revolve for having me & see you next year! By the way what was your favourite look? Mine was with the braids, I felt cute haha! Love, N 

21:19 | April 15, 2017


Outfits By: EMITAZ,Wanderlust


Total look from Revolve.

I don’t have so much time to write any post but I just wanted to share my first outfit from the festival with you! Did you like it? We are going to Revolves day party now and after that we are going to the festival. Sorry for not being able to write so much. A vlog will be up next week <3 Love, N

9:03 | April 10, 2017





Good morning from a very sick girl. Not sick but I have a crazy period pain going on so I’m not very excited to sit on a airplane for 2 hours. We were supposed to go shopping this morning but I’m laying in bed feeling ill instead. I have just taken a strong pill so I hope that the pain will go away soon. Sorry we didn’t have time to take many photos yesterday so I only have these three to show you. Kind of focusing more on filming right now since it’s what I like the most for the moment. I really love making vlogs/videos and if I just had the time I would love to do it more often. By the way I have to tell you what I’m doing here haha. I’m in Pairs shooting for a secret project with Loréal hair! So happy to be a part of this project and it’s going to be sooo fun to see the results of the campaign. I pushed my limits yesterday in the video haha, we had to talk quite a lot but it was so much fun. Can’t wait to tell you more about it when it’s out, I think you will maybe see me here and there next year ;P I loved that they barley used any makeup yesterday, it was more focus on the hair. So a bit foundation and mascara and voliá we had a very natural look. I think I feel more comfortable like this. Anyway I’m going to take a hot shower now and rest until we go to the airport. Love, N