21:16 | May 8, 2017

GUESS x EMITAZ interview


A small interview during my campaign photoshoot with GUESS!! 🙂 I was super nervous during this interview I don’t know why, normally I’m really chill haha..But I guess it went ok! 🙂 

17:31 | April 21, 2017



USA – Palm Springs 
The Coachella vlog is finally here! These days went by so fast but oh my we had fun. I love travelling with Janni, we always have so much fun together even if it’s just chilling on the sofa, fashion week or festivals. She is a bit calmer than me which I think works perfect for me haha <3 No but she is a true star. I hope that you liked this video, as I mention in the last part of the video I decided to not film anything and just enjoy being there. I didn’t even take a single photo, that’s not normal for being me. But I felt like I wanted to “be there” and live every moment without the camera in my right hand..You get it. I also wanted to say a big thank you to Revolve for having me & see you next year! By the way what was your favourite look? Mine was with the braids, I felt cute haha! Love, N