6:31 | April 7, 2017



I think that my blog has been so boring lately. I’ve not felt inspired at all..But after some hours on Pinterest I actually feel like I’m a bit more inspired. Both when it comes to outfits, details, interior etc..I really want to start sharing more fun posts but I don’t know how often I shall blog? I feel like 1 post/day is enough + 1-2 videos every week and Instagram everyday. What do you think? By the way I went a bit crazy on some webshops yesterday haha! I don’t even want to see how much I spent. But you know you’ve spent a lot when your bank sends you text messages haha. Yes, my bank here in Spain sends me text messages if I’ve spent over a certain amount of money. Some packages has already arrived so I will go and pick it up later. I wanted to order it before Paris so I’m happy it arrived in time, or at least 1 of 3. I also have to book tickets to Sweden today, going there in the beginning of June woooop! My cousin is graduating from high school, yes in Sweden it’s a big thing haha. I guess one of the biggest things in a young Swedes life, believe it or not. It feels like I graduated yesterday but it was 6 years ago, aaah I’m getting old haha. I don’t even want to celebrate my birthday this year, anxiety. Anyway I have to go! Love love looove, N

14:19 | April 6, 2017



Pictures by: Oscar Miño <3

Today we are just running around in different interior shops. Today we bought two new carpets, finally. A big one for the living room and one for the bathroom, both in white. Oscar is taking his brother to the hospital so I’m just going to clean the apartment. A lot of boxes eeeverywhere and it’s quite dusty everywhere so I’m just going to put on Ed Sheerans song Barcelona and cleane/dance around. Am I the only one that can’t clean without listening to music or a podd cast? I kind of enjoy cleaning if I have a good podcast or good music haha. We are also planing what to do with our balcony, not sure if I want to make a mini sofa there or keep a table with two chairs? Today we saw the floor we are putting on the balcony, I think it’s going to be so nice! Love, N

6:42 | April 4, 2017



With my girls Janni & Xenia <3 

Before going out the other day we took some photos. That’s something I’m really bad at, taking photos before going out haha. I guess when you’re with 2 other bloggers you get a reminder. I’m wearing jeans from Pull&Bear, shoes from Jeffrey Campbell, top from H&M and a blazer from Nakd.com, I think the brand was called Sanne Alexandra. I’m already missing these two sooo much <3 I’ve seen both Janni and Xenia quite a lot lately but I can’t get enough. I seriously got some abs after laughing so much this weekend with them. Anyway I slept pretty bad tonight, the night before that and the night before that haha. Sleep affects my mood sometimes but I have decided to stay positive haha. Today we are going to the gym and after that taking some photos in the city. I have to find some new photo locations in Barcelona, I always end up going to the same locations. By the way I’m maybe going to Paris on Sunday for something really fun! The job is not closed yet but I will tell you when I know more about it. I’m so excited about it! Love, N


Innan vi gick ut häromdagen så fotade vi lite. Om det är något jag inte är bra på så är det att fota innan utgång. Men jag antar när man är med två andra bloggare så är det inget man glömmer haha. Jag har på mig jeans från Pull&Bear, skor från Jeffrey Campbell och en topp från H&M, blazer från Nakd.com, märket är Sanne Alexandra om jag minns rätt. Saknar de här två redan <3 Har träffat både Janni och Xenia en hel del på sista tiden men jag får inte nog. Har seriöst fått magmuskler efter att ha skrattat så mycket den här helgen. Vaknade dock inte upp på rätt sida idag, sov så himla dåligt i natt, i förrgår och natten innan det. Det brukar påverka mitt humör jätte mycket men jag har bestämt mig för att vara positiv idag haha. Vi ska strax till gymmet och efter det ska vi fota lite. Jag måste hitta nya ställen att fota på, fotar alltid på samma ställe. Förresten jag kanske ska till Paris nu på söndag för något riktigt roligt!! Har inte riktigt fått besked om jag fått jobbet än men säger till direkt när jag vet, hoppas verkligen! Love, N 

10:13 | April 2, 2017



Good morning from my sofa! I’m sitting here with Janni and blogging, Xenia is still sleeping. I’m soon going to make porridge for us with peanut butter,nuts, berries and shredded coconut. I think I will vlog today, not sure how that will be since we are partying tonight but I will try my best to catch a bit of our moments together here. We are having such a good time together. Last night when we came home we watched 4 chapters of 13 Reasons Why, suuuch a good serie I really recommend it. It’s about what social media/phones can do to young people if it goes really wrong. See it!! Sorry I don’t have so much time to write anything more. Love, N


7:48 | April 1, 2017



Skirt: Pull & Bear // Shirt: Guess // Bag: Gucci

We are off to the gym now and after that we are picking up Xenia! Janni came yesterday and we just strolled around in the city and had some late lunch. It’s so nice to have her here, we have so much to talk about like always which I love haha. It was going to rain the whole day today but it’s super sunny outside so I hope that this weather will continue. Xenia came here to skip the bad weather in Germany so it would suck if it starts raining today when she comes haha. Tomorrow we are meeting up my Swedish friends here in Barcelona. They want to go to Nuba so we are going there. I’ve not been there in a long time so I’m looking forward to it. Janni is making smoothie bowl now so I’m going to enjoy that now! This is luxury for me haha! Love, N


Nu ska vi till gymmet och efter det ska vi hämta upp Xenia! Janni kom till oss igår runt 14.00, vi åkte till Barcelona direkt och åt en sen brunch. Så himla kul att ha henne här, vi har så mycket att prata om som vanligt haha. Det skulle regna hela dagen idag men solen skiner så jag hoppas verkligen inte att börjar regna sen. Xenia kom hit för för att slippa kalla vädret i Tyskland så det vore lite tråkigt om det skulle regna idag haha. Imorgon ska vi möta upp mina svenska vänner här i Barcelona. Vi ska till Nuba, jag har inte varit där på lång tid. Janni håller på att göra en bowl smoothie, lyx!! Love, N