16:21 | April 17, 2017



My looks for day 2We went to the Revolve day party

Had some ice cream, ok I had 3.Babe <3Spent a lot of time with Aida & Alba. I know them from Barcelona and it’s one of my favourite couples in the world <3 So freaking beautiful.At the Revolve party Danced a bit, way to hot though!Time to go to the festival again!Fixed Jannis hair that day, loved it!Full look & details will be up in the next post <3

So Coachella 2017 is over for this time. I’ve had so much fun during these days and I’ve got to know so many nice and amazing people during  these days. And I’m SO happy that I came here with Janni. These days has been so fun with her and I’m so happy to have her in my life. We both have struggled a lot with sleep and the jet lag these days but still managed to have so much fun. Dancing or just sitting on the grass having fries, anything is good with her. I have a feeling we will come here next year as well and we’ve learned 1 thing – come some days before! To get proper sleep and load our bodies with energy. It’s been a week since I slept 8 hours haha…This night 4, the night before that 3,5..hahaha. But so worth it <3 Anyway I’m going to LA today, Oscar has finally arrived!! See you there, and yes there will be more Coachella photos soon! Love, N

13:08 | April 14, 2017



With Revolve 

Hello from Palm Springs!! We are finally here. The flight went perfect even though we had a bit turbulence. We are here with Revolve and as you already might now I’m here with my favourite girl Janni! I will have to make a Tash & Janni video in the end of this year from all our adventures together haha..Last night we were at Alessandra Ambrosios x Revolves party, so nice even though we were sooo tired haha. I think we were the ones going to sleep the earliest yesterday haha. I woke up 02.30 this morning and I’m still awake. It’s 06.00 here, the jetlag game is strong. I will try to sleep really late today so that I don’t wake up at 02.00 haha..Today it’s the first day of Coachella and we are going there at 16.00. So freaking excited!! Love, _________________________________________________

Hej från Palm Springs!! Vi har äntligen landat. Flyget gick bra, lite turbulens men annars bra. Som ni kanske redan vet så är jag här med min favorit tjej Janni! Vi måste göra en Tash & Janni video i slutet på det här året från alla våra äventyr haha..Igårkväll var vi på Alessandra Ambriosio x Revolve fest här på hotellet.  Så kul förutom att vi var så trötta efter flyget. Jag tror att vi var de som la oss tidigast igår. Vaknade 02.30 imorse och jag är fortfarande vaken, klockan är 06.00. Hej jetlag! Ska försöka lägga mig sent idag så att jag inte vaknar upp 02.30 haha i natt..Idag kickar Coachella igång och vi ska åka dit 16.00. Det är riktigt varmt här och det står att det ska bli 30 grader den här veckan, hej sommar, Revolve och Coachella 2017!! Love, N

13:23 | April 11, 2017



One of my favourite dresses right now from Mango, sunglasses from Urban Outfitters.

Aaaah! I’m back in Barcelona. I had some really nice time in Paris and I’m even more in love with the city now. Me and Oscar are planning to go back in May/June..whenever we have time. Anyway I’ve missed my home as well, Barcelona. Have you heard Ed Sheerans song Barcelona? Listen to it! Aaah I get so happy when I hear it. It just makes me think of the times I stepped out from the airport in Barcelona and just smiled because this city made me so happy. The people, palms, sun, ocean..A city with everything. Since I moved here I haven’t felt a single time that I want to move back to Sweden. My Swedish friends that lives here says the same. Anyway I’m going to fix my shitty Iphone now. I have the Iphone 7 and the camera is so bad, I don’t recommend you to get Iphone 7. Or if you do, check the camera when you are in the store. So many people that I know has had problems with the Iphone 7 camera. I’ve heard that you can’t take your camera in Coachella so at least I want my Iphone to be good. Have a nice day! Love, N


10:22 | April 9, 2017



Hope you enjoy this vlog I made when Janni and Xenia came to visit me in Barcelona a couple of days ago. Had a lot of fun with them! There is also a Q&A with Oscar where we read some of your questions so stay until the end! Love, N.

20:29 | April 7, 2017



Today is a very sad day in in the Swedish history and I’m still in shock. I couldn’t believe it when I read the news, it’s still hard to understand it. My thoughts goes out to the people that lost their life today and to their families. Or to whole Stockholm, everyone is probably feeling like there is a big grey cloud above them. I get a bit sad/irritated with people hating on the Swedish bloggers for writing about Stockholm today. I’ve got around 5 comments today “why don’t you write about Syria, Lebanon etc” “All the bloggers are writing about it because it’s a rich country”. Yes I know weird right? But I’ve actually got these comments today. I don’t normally write about tragedies, I think it’s enough that we suffer from reading it in the news. My blog is for something else, I want you to get happy when you see my videos/photos. But today it’s about my home country. I can’t believe that I have to defend myself for writing about this this but yes there are some ignorant people out there. Sweden is my home, I had friends that was in the same spot when it happened. It was something very close to me, so I feel like I have to write about it and express my feelings. I’m so sad and I’ve been in a shock, I don’t know how many text messages I’ve been sending today but I think it’s my record. I know many people goes through this every day, it’s sad and so unfair. We live in a sad and unfair world but we have to stand up and continue to be there for each other. Don’t forget to show each other love, spread love around you, it doesn’t cost you anything <3