5:44 | May 28, 2017




 DRESS HERE      –      BIKINI HERE  & HERE  (I have size S in both)    –      DRESS HERE


Hi babes! Summer is finally here! As you know I was in Ibiza and Formentera. Aaah it was super beautiful! I can’t believe I had never been there before. Can’t wait to go back when the water is a little warmer. But it was nice to go there now because I can just imagine how many tourists will go there in July/August.

Like you will see in the vlog I brought this new bikini from the Doutzen Stories by Hunkemöller collection with me, and some of their beach wear. I love the dresses because they are very light, comfortable and perfect to wear to the beach. It also looks good of course hehe. And that bikini is so me!! I love the details of it. Love, N.

#DoutzenStories www.hunkemoller.es 

– In collaboration with Hunkemöller

9:58 | May 16, 2017



Jacket: Zara // Pants: Guess // Bag: Balenciaga // Shirt: H&M // Sunglasses: Forever21 // Boots: Dr Martens

Hello babes! I hope you are fine. I have been recording the whole day and tomorrow the schedule looks the same. By the way I’m maybe going to L.A again in the end of the month, wihoo! Back to my favourite city. And then we are going straight from L.A to Paris. Got so many plans for May/June it’s quite crazy. By the way do you like the look? I’m in love with these red pants, it’s from GUESS new collection. I’m going to pack now, we are off to Vilanova tomorrow and on Saturday it’s time for a Tommy Hilfiger event in Madrid. Love, N

8:01 | May 4, 2017



Photos from L.A 

Los Angels is photogenic, in many different ways. I recommend you to rent a car if you go to LA, they have the worst public transport and there are so many different places you can visit. The places are not always close to each other that’s why I think it’s good to rent the car at least a couple of days. Malibu has to be on your list! We went there one of the days and it was so beautiful, you maybe saw some of the scenes in my vlog, click HERE if you haven’t seen it. By the way the photo of my and Oscar kissing on the cliff is taken by a tourist haha..I love it so much, thinking about putting it into a frame? We want to go to L.A in the end of June but everyone is telling me not to go. So we are thinking about going to New York since I’ve never been there! But first up is Paris in the end of May and then Sweden. I also want to visit Janni in Marbella this summer, I have a feeling it’s going to be a crazy summer this year! Love, N

Next time I go to L.A:

– Go to the flea market, hike, go to Santa Monica pier and do a road trip to somewhere. 

22:17 | April 25, 2017



I place I really can recommend in LA is Toast Bacery Cafe

The only “problem” was that it was way to much food for me haha. I don’t think you can see how big the pancakes are but they were huge. The worst thing I know is throwing food but I was with two guys so I didn’t have to leave anything behind haha. But yes, if you’re not super hungry when you go there, share it with a friend. And oh, I really recommend the peanut butter smoothie! The place had a “normal LA price” which means around 12-15€ for the pancakes depending on what pancakes you wanted and if you wanted to add anything extra. This place is also located quite central, close to Sunset Boulevard.

By the way after reading through your comments I’ve decided to keep my posts personal with a mix of more “inspiration” posts! Many of you guys also wanted a bit more tips on my blog such as recipes, shopping places, restaurants so I will try to include that as well. I will just not do it as often. We are home from LA now but I still got some stuff to show you! Lots of love, N 

14:56 | April 20, 2017



Hello babes! I hope you’re fine. I’m having a really good time in LA. Last night I went out eating with Alexandra, Angelica & Kenza. It was really cozy even though we had pretty crazy conversations hahaha..We have rented a car so we are going to  explore LA with it today.

Sorry for not updating so good. I have actually thought about stop blogging everyday and start with 2-3 posts/week instead. Maybe 4..Like every Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday? And really share something I like not just Hi I had a coffee around the corner it was so good..No but you get what I mean like not “empty” posts. I want to inspire you in a different way. Right now I’m, we are enjoying the video part so much and we want to create more of that. It’s a lot more work but I just feel like that something both me and Oscar are super passionated about. I enjoy it on another level and we want to create more.

Right now we don’t have a single day free in the week and it’s probably going to get worst creating more videos but at least we love it haha! I don’t want to stop blogging, don’t get me wrong..I just want to create more inspired posts you know? NotI want to post good stuff when I post instead of just writing “hi today i’m going to blabla” it feels like it’s always the same. I don’t know do you like it? I feel like it’s so empty and that everyone is kind of writing the same things. It’s nothing wrong with it, it’s just that I want to create something different or write when I feel like I want to write. You know I love taking photos and this but just writing in a different way and sharing some more inspiration. What do you think? Let me know! And how often do you go in to my blog? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not stopping. Just a bit different posts and more videos <3  Love, N