18:08 | December 11, 2015



OMP_2038I’m in love with Harley Davidsons leather jackets!OMP_2060With Barbara & ChristinaOMP_2041Outfitss-002OMP_2107Lunch with my baby between the showrooms


Hello babes! We just came home from Barcelona..We spend the whole day there visiting different stores and showrooms that I work with for the moment. We were supposed to spend 1 hour in Arenalia but we had a lot of fun (ate all the candy and drank tea haha) with the girls working there Barbara & Christina. Anyway it was really nice and I came home with some really cool stuff from Vans, Scotch and Soda, Volcum, Reef & Skull Candy! I will show you everything in one of these days. Oscar was also pretty happy since he got some really nice things as well haha. Tonight it’s PIZZA NIGHT in Miños/Lindmarks home. I have worked out a lot lately so it’s definitely time for some pizza. Love, N


Hej finisar! Vi kom precis hem från Barcelona. Spenderade hela dagen där, käkade lunch, besökte olika showrooms och affärer som jag jobbar med just nu. Det var meningen att vi skulle spendera 1 timma i Arenalia showroom men vi var där i hela tre timmar (åt upp allt godis som fanns där och drack te haha). Nej men tjejerna som jobbade där var extremt trevliga och vi hade riktigt kul tillsammans. Kom med med lite olika saker från Vans, Scotch and Soda, Volcum, Reef & Skull Candy! Oscar var också väldigt glad då han också fick välja lite saker. Ikväll är det pizza kväll hos Miños/Lindmarks..jag har tränat otroligt mycket senaste tiden så nu är det dags för pizza! Love, N 

21:47 | December 3, 2015

The Rocking House


#BCNMeetUpMeliaSKY2 from The Rockinghouse on Vimeo.

Here is a video from the event with The Rocking House Barcelona. We had SOOO much fun during these two days. Can’t wait for next years event! ♥


Här är en video från ett event jag var på med The Rocking House Barcelona. Vi hade så sjuuukt kul under de här två dagarna! Längtar tills nästa års event! ♥

18:28 | December 2, 2015


OMP_0763 Nya bilder-010 Nya bilder-009


Hey guys! Today we have eaten lunch at Oscars grandma, normally we eat there every Thursday, but I’ve been busy the last 3 Thursdays so this week we changed it. After a visit at his grandparents and a hell of a food coma we went to Barcelona since both of us had to fix some stuff. I think I have written it before, but I don’t live in the centrum of Barcelona, more on the outside in a city called Cornellá. Anyway tomorrow I’m meeting up Jessica for lunch in Tragalufz and after that we are picking up some things from Au Revoir Cinderella. We have a model job next week togheter! Tell you more about it later.  Love, N


Hallå så! Idag har vi käkat hos Oscars farmor och farfar. Torsdagar är “våran” dag där, men jag har varit så upptagen de senaste tre torsdagarna så den här veckan ändrade vi det. När matkoman hade lagt sig lite åkte vi in till Barcelona då vi var tvungna att fixa med lite saker. Jag tror att jag har skrivit detta förut, men jag skriver det igen, vi bor inte i Barcelona utan lite utanför i en stad som heter Cornella. Hur som haver imorgon ska jag möta upp Jessica, vi ska käka lunch på Tragaluz och efter det hämta upp lite saker från Au Revoir Cinderella. Vi har ett modelljobb nästa vecka tillsammans. Berättar mer om det senare! Love, N 

15:20 | August 15, 2015



OMP_3237OMP_3232-2Sunsets in Talpe (Picture taken outside of Aqua Hotel)

Hello from Tissamaharama (south Sri-Lanka)! It’s time for safari and adventure, we are sooo excited. I love the beach but it’s time for some action and adventure. My mother is from Tissamaharama so I’m also visiting my family here, I have not seen them in 5 years. We went by bus from Gale and it took around 5 hours so we are pretty tired right now. The last night we stayed in Hotel Aqua in Talpe, it was so beautiful and the sunset was amazing as you can see. I really recommend Aqua hotel if you want to live beside the beach. Love, N

5:44 | August 13, 2015



Cantaloupe Levels Hotel

Last day in Cantaloupe Levels Hotel. I love waking up here, the hotel is not that big and it only has 9 rooms so everyone knows everyone here which is really nice. Today we worked out a bit in the pool before eating our breakfast..And what a breakfast! This is not everything we ordered but I was so full after it that we had to rest before starting todays adventure haha..Today we are going to Hikkaduwa a beach close to here. We have been here 6 days now and I have started to understand how much I have missed Sri-Lanka. It’s my 8:th time here and I never get tired! Love, N