20:24 | August 17, 2017



It hurts. Normally I know what to say but I’m out just of words today. All my thoughts are with the victims and their families of this horrible day in Barcelona.


6:54 | August 15, 2017



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Drinking tea in the living room and studying Spanish at the moment. Going all in with the Spanish now, I have forbidden my Spanish friends to talk to me in English haha. Watching series, movies with Spanish subtitles and listening to Spanish songs. Since I’m finally in Barcelona one full month I really want to take these moments of learning. Well almost one month here, Malibu for 4 days. My mom is also studying Spanish right now and she’s a killer when it comes to languages, I couldn’t live with myself is she becomes better than me haha. Anyway have a nice day! Let’s do this. Love, N

9:41 | August 9, 2017




Been reading through my latest 100 comments from you guys. MISSED YOU! It feels like I’ve disappointed so many of you but if you only knew what I’ve been through I think you would understand it. I’m sorry. Not been here since April/May for a reason, it’s been a lot of things on my mind. And I really don’t feel like writing about it on my social media. Anyway I’m back with new and positive energy! I have many trips and jobs to look forward to so I’m really excited for that. I have said no to many jobs in August just to enjoy and have a calm month for myself and just focus on me. I love to spend time on the beach, nature, gym and that’s exactly what I’ve been up to the last 3 weeks. I really needed that. Going on a small work trip to L.A the 18-21 but that’s basically it. Fashion week (September) is around the corner and I know it’s going to be a month filled with 100 different things so I’m really going to enjoy these 3 last weeks of summer. Love, N

8:40 | August 4, 2017



Hi guys! I’m back in Barcelona and I’m going to stay here the whole August more or less. Maybe doing a small trip to Menorca, let’s see about that. I hope that you’re having a great summer. I have teamed up with Roxy this summer so I’m going to show you some cute summer looks with their Roxy Bayshore shoes (available at Journeys). They go with everything and are suuuuper comfortable! I’m having a give away on my Instagram (here) today so go and check it out here. Lots of love, N




5:28 | June 25, 2017

I’m back!



Shooting with Longines in Paris the other week. 


I’ve missed you guys! And the blog as well..I’m not going to update everyday from now on either but I’m going to update once in a while when I do something fun or when I want to share some tips with you guys. Love, N