14:50 | July 20, 2015


Training & Food


I often get the question what I eat for breakfast and right now this is my favorite 2 eggs, 1 avocado, greek cheese and a bit salad + watermelon/lime juice. So refreshing and perfect after my morning yoga! It’s so warm here so I’m trying to drink alot of water and juices during the day. Today I’m big cleaning the house, it feels like I write that quite often haha? But I’m a person that loves to have it clean, I need to organize my closet when we come home from Sri-Lanka because I don’t have enough space for the moment so I’m taking over Oscars closet..I will buy a new drawer or something one of these days. Love, N


Jag får ofta frågan om vad jag äter till frukost och detta är just nu en favorit, 2 ägg, 1 avokado och fetaost med lite sallad med vattenmelon/lime juice. Så uppfriskande och perfekt efter morgonyogan. Det är otroligt varmt här så jag försöker att dricka mycket vatten och juicer under dagen. Idag storstädar jag här hemma, det känns som att jag skriver det rätt ofta haha? Men jag gillar att ha det snyggt och rent omkring mig, har ååångest över min garderob som just nu håller på att svämma över, det blir ett nytt projekt när vi kommer hem från Sri-Lanka. Eller så köper jag en ny byrå i slutet av veckan, för just nu håller jag på att ta över Oscars garderob haha..Love, N

16:31 | June 10, 2015


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I have recived so many mails/comments lately about my diet. As you might know I avoid pasta, bread, sugar and junk food and I eat alot raw food, fruits, veggies and I drink alot of smoothies.  Some days I cheat, but I don’t feel bad about cheating once in a while since I more or less always eat healthy. Eating healthy for me is not only about how my body looks, I eat clean because it really makes me feel better, my skin gets better and I feel good inside my body as well.

My training rouitine is yoga/meditation every morning, running outside and going to the gym. I don’t follow a schedule when it comes to training, but I make sure to train at least 4-5 times in a week. I also see it as my “own time” where I can relax and just focus on feeling good and myself. I hope you got your answer, if you have any questions ask me here on the blog. Love, N