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My best tips to start your training:

Start eating healthy. When you start eating healthy (FUN recipes not just salads) you will see results very fast and that will keep you motivated with the training as well. Search for different healthy food blogs – you will find a lot! Since I started to eat healthy my skin has become much better, and I also feel so much better on the inside.

Don’t look at the scale. I always get questions like “What’s your weight?” and I mean… does it really matter? It’s about how I feel, not about numbers on a scale. Some people becomes too obsessed with that. Screw that and do ya thaang!

Variate your training. Try yoga, running, boxing… What is the thing that fits you? What do YOU enjoy? Maybe a little bit of everything? Go to classes if it’s possible. Sometimes seeing other people sweat is a really good motivation. At least I become so competitive in the class haha. Don’t be scared to stand in the front, you will give 110% instead of 80%. And STEP OUTSIDE YOUR COMFORT ZONE!! Try new things, don’t be scared.

Try different exercises. Just write on youtube “leg exercise” or “abs work out” and 10.000 videos will pop up. I ALWAYS look at exercises at youtube and take inspiration from there, always adapting it to myself. I normally write down what I want to try and create my  training schedule from there. When I don’t have time to go to the gym I have a playlist of 20 minutes work out that I follow. Make sure to change it once in a while so you don’t get bored.

Buy new clothes! I love to buy new gym clothes in fun colours! It’s like “ok I bought them now I have to go!” haha..No but you can actually look pretty fab in the gym.

Music!! Aah I don’t function without my music. Favourite songs: G-Unit – Watch me, Kanye West – Black skinhead, Fall Out Boy – My songs know what you did in the dark (longest name of a song?!), Britney Spears – Work B*tch, Nicki Minaj – Feelings myself. If you want the whole list tell me!

Don’t compare yourself with someone else. Having a motivation picture is ok but don’t feel bad about yourself just because someone else is much fitter. You are YOU, and we are different. Some people gets abs in 2-3 weeks, some people in 6 months. Just don’t give up. While I struggle to gain weight and build muscles, someone else is struggling to lose weight. That’s something we have to understand as well. What’s important is to feel good on the inside as well, not only the outside. I love my body, but I have always been really skinny and weak..I’m striving for a stronger body. I know it will take a lot of time for me but from being the girl that couldn’t do a single push up to be able to do 20, I’m proud even if it’s a piece of cake for someone else to do 20 push ups. As I said, don’t compare yourself with someone else.

So these were my best “start your work out” tips. I hope you enjoyed this kind of post, tell me if you would like to see more of these posts in the future? Love, N ♥

10:25 | December 26, 2015


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OMP_5173 OMP_5185

Christmas porridge recipe: Oatmeal, chia seeds, water. Topping: Mashed raspberries mixed with honey, small almond pieces, banana and cinnamon.

Both me and Oscar liked this recipe a lot! I have never tried it before and I just made up the recipe haha, well at least the topping..So yes I named it my Christmas porridge since it was read and because we ate it yesterday ;P Oscar is not a big fan of porridge but he likes when it has good toppings. Anyway today we are going to his aunties Christmas lunch. I didn’t train this morning so I will do it tonight instead. I slept until 10 today..Maybe it has to do with that we went to sleep 4 last night and I woke up 07.30 thanks to Oscar. He elbowed me in the head haha..Gosh I was so angry after that but it made me go to the gym at least haha. Love, N


Både jag och Oscar gillade det här receptet innan eller ja toppingen (som spelar en stor roll). Så jag döpte receptet till julgröt på grund av den röda färgen och för att vi åt det till frukost igår ;P Oscar gillar inte gröt så jätte mycket, men är det goda toppingar så funkar det haha! Hur som haver idag ska vi åka till hans mostersjullunch. Jag tränade inte i morse så det blir ett kvällspass istället. Jag sov verkligen ut idag, vaknade 10..Det har nog med att göra att vi la oss 4 igår och vaknade 07.30 tack vare att Oscar armbågade mig i sömnen haha. Men jag ska inte klaga, den armbågen fick mig att gå till gymmet. Love, N

11:15 | December 19, 2015


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Recipe: Chia Seeds, Flax seeds, ecological oatmeal (I promise you it’s a big difference), water.

Topping: Strawberry jam (no sugar), peanut butter, almond nuts, cinnamon.


Since many of you liked the post about what I eat I thought about starting this day with one of my favourite breakfasts after the gym. This is something that makes me really full and keeps me full for hours. As you might know I like to add a lot of different things to my oatmeal haha..And now I have fallen for a mix between strawberry jam and peanut butter. Aah it’s so freaking good! The tea is chai tea with soya milk and cinnamon. Anyway I’m going to take some pictures with Oscar later and then we are off to town. Love, N


Eftersom att så många av er gillade mitt förra inlägg om mat hehe, så tänkte jag börja dagen med att visa ett utav mina favorit recept. En gröt tönt, ja de e jag! Nej men jag gillar gröt för att man verkligen blir mätt och för att man kan göra så många olika recept. Som ni kanske märkt så älskar jag att blanda i lite olika saker i min gröt. Just nu är sylt (utan socker) och jordnötssmör en stor favorit. Så himla gott! I mitt te har jag sojamjölk samt kanel. Hur som haver nu ska jag ut och fota med mannen min och efter det ska vi in till stan! Love, N 

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OMP_1906-2 df


I get so many private messages on Instagram, mails, comments here on the blog about my training and “diet”. So I thought that I should write about how I eat first.

The secret according to me is to not see it as a diet, but a lifestyle. Try different recipes, breakfasts, smoothies that YOU like. Google around, there are so many recipes on internet. I like when things goes fast so I prefer easy recipes in the morning, lunch and for dinner. I don’t like to cook for 2-3 hours like my mother does haha.

Things I avoid: Pasta, bread, milk and sugar. I eat/drink a lot of fruits, veggies, eggs, peanut butter, tofu, soya milk, smoothies, hummus (big favorite), beans, fish, nuts, coconut milk, seeds. Neither me or Oscar likes to have a kitchen full of junk food – but ofcorse once in a while we order a pizza and watch a movie together (we are humans haha). I can eat healthy the whole day but in the night that sugar craving monster comes so what I normally do when that happens is to slice a apple and dip it in peanut butter (it’s sooo delicious) or I do my favorite chocolate smoothie (recipe here). And it’s gone! Mango, dark chocolate also helps. I hope you liked this post, I don’t write about it so often..But if you like it just press the little heart. More questions? Ask me! Love, N ♥

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OMP_0821OMP_0810(Find full process on snapchat: EMITAZ6)

Recipe: 3 bananas, 3 egg, shredded coconut and chia powder. Topping: Peanut butter, banana, blueberries.

When I have a bit more time in the morning or if I’m doing a brunch for me and Oscar, this is what I do! So freaking delicious and healthy! I also recommend you to do this if you are going to make a dessert and you don’t have any inspiration. Tomorrow I’m going to do something really funny with Oscar that I’ve wanted to do for a while, but I can’t tell you about it yet. Anyway so whats happening next week? I have a model job for a Spanish company, meeting with my manager and some small jobs.  By the  way a post many of you have asked for is coming up later! Love, N


När jag har lite extra tid på morgonen (som på helgerna) slår jag gärna till med en lite lyxigare frukost! Det här är vad jag alltid brukar mixa ihop, så sjukt gott och nyttigt! Jag rekommenderar även de här pannkakorna om du inte vet vad du ska göra till dessert. Imorgon ska jag göra något riktigt kul med Oscar som jag velat göra ett bra tag nu, kan dock inte berätta om det än. Annars, vad händer nästa vecka? Jag har ett modelljobb för en spansk modebutik, möte med min manager samt småjobb. Föresten ett inlägg som många av er har frågat mig om kommer upp senare! Love, N