9:48 | February 1, 2017


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Mix: 2 frozen bananas, coconut milk, cinnamon and raw cacao – Topping: Chia seeds, sesam seeds, shredded coconut, peanut butter, blueberries, strawberries and raspberries.

Today I started my morning with this vitamin bomb! Normally I have a bit granola as topping but it was no where to be found in our home haha, already finished. It’s Oscars turn to make granola the next time and I’m happy for it because it takes a couple of hours before it’s done. Today I’m meeting up Jessica before going to Zegarcias show together. I’m so excited for the show just because it’s a friend of mine that is having his first fashion show ever! He does amazing wedding/prom/gala dresses, I will probably film the whole show so that you can see it. Yesterday we got the mirror in our bathroom, finally! The light around the mirror sucks though so I can’t really do my makeup there which sucks. Othervice it’s nice and I think that we can change the light to a bit stronger. I will take pictures of the bathroom when we have the Nikon. Anyway I’m going to jump into the shower now and then we are shooting a look! Love, N


Startade min dag med en vitaminbomb! Brukar vanligtvis ha i lite granola men den var tydligen slut haha. Det är Oscars tur att göra granola nästa gång vilket jag är glad över då det tar timmar att göra de. Idag ska jag möta upp Jessica innan Zegarcias visning, ser verkligen fram emot visningen då det är hans första någonsin! Han gör helt fantastiska bröllopsklänningar, galaklänningar osv. Kommer förmodligen att filma hela visningen så att ni får se alla fina klänningar. Igår fick vi äääntligen vår badrumsspegel, lamporna runt spegeln är inte starka nog för att jag ska kunna sminka mig där så de ska vi byta ut. Men fint blev det, nu kan jag äntligen fota badrummet till er. Ha en fin dag! Love, N 

11:19 | January 9, 2017


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omp_2996omp_2968omp_2983omp_2977 green-tea

I’m still starting every morning with green tea. Well I was missing it 1 week since I left it when we moved, but I bought more tea yesterday. Anyway I thought I would tell you the benefits with green tea and why you should drink it. I’ve written a similar post about it before but I’ve got a lot more new followers since then so here we go! I remember I used to dislike green tea because I didn’t like the taste, but you get used to it. I recommend you to buy “real” green tea, it’s worth putting a bit extra money to this if you want the real benefits from green tea. If you don’t like the flavour just try to ad a bit honey to it until you have got used to the taste.

-Antioxidants. It’s good for the skin since it contains a lot of antioxidants that has a anti-aging benefit. I like to drink it before I eat breakfast (I normally eat the breakfast 10-20 minutes later).

– Caries & Breath. Good for your teeth and lowers the risk of getting caries. It also gives you a good breath (?) I ‘ve read this in a few different places I’m not sure if it’s 100% true though.

–  Diabetes. Lowers the risk of diabetes type 2. I’m in the risk of diabetes (both my dad and grandmother had it) so I have always been told to take it easy with the sugar.

– Helps you to relax. You can find the amino acid Theanine in green tea leaves which makes you relax.

– Immune system. Green tea also boosts your immune system.

I thought I would start with these tips again. I will write about something new every week, everything from clothes, food etc. I hope you like it! Love, N


16:51 | October 21, 2016


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new-looks-2016-011 omp_9859


Since I have a lot of new followers on the blog and many people are asking the same – how I train. So I thought I would repost this post from January for my new followers or for you if you want to read it again! It was 10 months ago so maybe you are in the need of it again. Anyway here comes my best tips: 

My best tips to start your training:

Start eating healthy. When you start eating healthy (FUN recipes not just salads) you will see results very fast and that will keep you motivated with the training as well. Search for different healthy food blogs – you will find a lot! Since I started to eat healthy my skin has become much better, and I also feel so much better on the inside.

Don’t look at the scale. I always get questions like “What’s your weight?” and I mean… does it really matter? It’s about how I feel, not about numbers on a scale. Some people becomes too obsessed with that. Screw that and do ya thaang!

Variate your training. Try yoga, running, boxing… What is the thing that fits you? What do YOU enjoy? Maybe a little bit of everything? Go to classes if it’s possible. Sometimes seeing other people sweat is a really good motivation. At least I become so competitive in the class haha. Don’t be scared to stand in the front, you will give 110% instead of 80%. And STEP OUTSIDE YOUR COMFORT ZONE!! Try new things, don’t be scared.

Try different exercises. Just write on youtube “leg exercise” or “abs work out” and 10.000 videos will pop up. I ALWAYS look at exercises at youtube and take inspiration from there, always adapting it to myself. I normally write down what I want to try and create my  training schedule from there. When I don’t have time to go to the gym I have a playlist of 20 minutes work out that I follow. Make sure to change it once in a while so you don’t get bored.

Buy new clothes! I love to buy new gym clothes in fun colours! It’s like “ok I bought them now I have to go!” haha..No but you can actually look pretty fab in the gym.

Music!! Aah I don’t function without my music. Favourite songs: G-Unit – Watch me, Kanye West – Black skinhead, Fall Out Boy – My songs know what you did in the dark (longest name of a song?!), Britney Spears – Work B*tch, Nicki Minaj – Feelings myself. If you want the whole list tell me!

Don’t compare yourself with someone else. Having a motivation picture is ok but don’t feel bad about yourself just because someone else is much fitter. You are YOU, and we are different. Some people gets abs in 2-3 weeks, some people in 6 months. Just don’t give up. While I struggle to gain weight and build muscles, someone else is struggling to lose weight. That’s something we have to understand as well. What’s important is to feel good on the inside as well, not only the outside. I love my body, but I have always been really skinny and weak..I’m striving for a stronger body. I know it will take a lot of time for me but from being the girl that couldn’t do a single push up to be able to do 20, I’m proud even if it’s a piece of cake for someone else to do 20 push ups. As I said, don’t compare yourself with someone else.

So these were my best “start your work out” tips. Do you want more work out posts? I have stopped a bit with recipes/training posts but I’m thinking about starting with it again, let me know! Love, N ♥

14:17 | July 24, 2016


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Soooo it’s Sunday and that means another video! I hope you liked this one as well, some recipes you’ve seen on the blog already but in a video hehe. Do you want to see more chef Natascha videos? Tell me! Love, N


Söndag = en ny video! Jag hoppas att ni gillar den här videon, några recept har ni redan sett på bloggen. Tror nog att ni sett alla haha, men ville visa de i en video också. Vill ni se mer kock Natascha videor? Love, N 

8:09 | July 12, 2016


Training & Food
OMP_7461 OMP_7468 OMP_7471

What you need:
Chia seeds
Almond milk
Coconut drops

How to make it: Pour up almond milk, coconut drops, a little bit of honey, chia seeds in a glass. Mix it all around and put it in the fridge (the evening before). In the morning – Topping: Mix a little bit of almond milk with strawberries to get a thick sauce and add some granola and strawberries.

Aaah this was amazing haha! It got 10/10 from Nataschas from Oscar. A very easy recipe that I recommend for breakfast or dessert. I regret so much not doing the base stuff for this chia pudding last evening, it would have been so good now. I woke up 07.15 because Oscar had not turned of the sound of the phone and I was really pissed because I worked until 01.00 this night. Anyway I’m going to a meeting now and then I have to pack. Tomorrow I have a photoshoot at 07.00 and after that Oscar is picking me up and we are off to Vilanova. Love, N


Det vattnas i munnen när jag tänker på hur gott det här var haha! Den fick 10/10 Nataschas av Oscar. Ångrar att jag inte ställde in chiapudding i kylskåpet igårkväll, hade ju varit så gott just nu haha. Vaknade upp 07.15 av att Oscar inte hade stängt av sitt ljud på mobilen och fick 3 sms, blev så sur eftersom att jag jobbade fram tills 01.00 i natt. Hur som haver nu ska jag sticka iväg på ett möte och packa. Imorgon har jag även en plåtning inbokad 07.00 på morgonen och efter det ska vi till Vilanova! Love, N