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I remember that you liked when I did a inspiration collage of my own style and then linked similar pieces under so I’m going to start with that again. Something I’m really into right now are dots, mom jeans (been into these forever though), leather skirts and mesh tops. I think that the leather skirt and mesh tops gives you a bit edgy look. I like to match cute pieces with more edgy pieces. I found all these clothes on Gina Tricot a shop I used to spend all my money in when I was younger. I’m a big fan of their jeans because they always fit perfect. I guess I’m not the only one struggling finding a pair of nice jeans. I normally have a size 34 in their jeans, XS in their tops and S on dresses. Happy shopping! If you want more of these posts let me know! Love, N

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7:55 | May 2, 2017



Something you see me wear at least 1-3 times in a week are t-shirts. I love t-shirts, especially if they have prints. I always hear that I have a very edgy style and one easy way to get a edgy look is to wear black jeans and a top/t-shirt with a print. A print from a rock band looks gives you a quite edgy style. Oscar has a lot of printed t-shirts that I like to wear as well, the GUESS one to the left is actually his t-shirt haha. So just search in your boyfriends (if you have one) or maybe brothers closet to find some fun t-shirts. I also like when the t-shirts just has a text on, like the one in the middle. Here comes my web shop favourites for the moment:
T-shirts with prints

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If it’s not the biker jacket or bomber jacket, it’s my jeans jacket. I’m so into jeans jackets right now and I’ve bought 3 new ones just this month. One black with print on the back, one red and the blue one you see in the photo. A basic jeans jacket is nice, but I like it more if it has a print or some fun detail. The one I’m wearing to the left has a big print on the backside. I’m also a big fan of the jeans + jeans combination, you can see a picture of it when you scroll down. I really liked when they are a bit oversized and not petit and tight.

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When I find a pair of sunglasses that I like I wear them until they don’t exist anymore (I lose them) haha. You have probably seen me wearing these ones a lot latley. I find it hard to find a pair of glasses that fits my face so when I do I just use them a lot.  I know in the fashion industry you’re supposed to change a lot, the more often the better. But when I find a pair that fits me I kind of stay with them for a while. The yellow ones just makes a outfit pop out a lot which I love. I thought they went very well with the denim + denim look that I wore in Paris. My everyday ones is a pair of wannabe Ray Bans from Bershka. Oscar has told me 100 times to buy the ones from Ray Ban but I don’t want to do it since I lose a lot of my sunglasses. I’ve already bought look a likes 3 times..They work perfect and the only difference is the logo haha. Favourite Sunglasses

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I like basic shirts as well but latley I’ve been into shirts that has a frills, I think it’s called like that in English? Or just shirts with a twist. The beige one in the photo is my favourite at the moment. It will look so good with a pair of just blue shorts as well in the summer.  A shirt with a twist can really make a whole look pop out. Some of my favourites online:

Shirts with a twist

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Hello babes! The alarm woke us up at 07.00 this morning because we wanted to start our day early since we had so many things to do in Barcelona today. Buuut when we went to the car we saw that one of our tires was broken haha. So we went to the train and missed a lot of things we had to do in Barcelona. It sucks because it’s the last “work” day I have in Barcelona for 2 weeks. I love living on the outside of Barcelona since it’s very crowded and I feel stressed about that but days like this I wouldn’t mind living on the Rambla in Barcelona haha! Anyway I’m going to drink some coffee now, we are probably meeting up some friends later tonight. I hope you have a nice Friday! Love, N

13:03 | February 20, 2017




Hello babes! So this is what I came home with last Saturday hehe. A Valentines gift from myself to myself <3 I love the velvet and the size is perfect as well. Anyway Monday is here and I’m trying to plan my week, just got a message from a friend that wants to go to Milano this week and I’m kind of down for it haha! I’m also booking Paris for March and Madrid. Madrid is for a job but I’m planning to stay some days extra. Me and Oscar has started with “Sundays” meeting where we split up all the work that has to be done this week #teamwork haha. By the way I have got a lot of comments on my different channels that Oscar is a lawyer and that’s why I’m with him, that he buys all the clothes and trips for me..They even comment on his Instagram. I don’t know if I shall laugh or cry when I read this. First of all he doensn’t work as a lawyer for the moment, last time was in 2015. Right now we work together with all my social media. I mean can’t people open up their eyes and understand that women also can earn money and support themselves? I posted this bag on my Insta stories yesterday and someone commented “Oh another gift from Oscar? Start working”..I got so offended. Like no, I bought it myself. when shall people realize that it doesn’t have to be a man behind every brand bag you have/trip/clothes or whatever it can be, you get my point. Anyway you guys knows the situation but I just felt like writing this anyway..release some anger haha. Have a nice Monday<3 And sorry if this post was so negative, but I get really sad sometimes when people are sexist. Love, N


Hej finisar! Kom hem med den här godingen i lördags, en Alla hjärtans dag present från mig till mig <3 Älskar modellen och att den är i sammet. Det är äntligen måndag och jag försöker att planera min vecka, fick precis ett sms från en vän som vill till Milano om 2 dagar haha, och jag är nästan på! Sitter också och bokar flyg till Paris och Madrid. Jag ska till Madrid för ett jobb men planerar att stanna några extra dagar i slutet av mars. Jag och Oscar har börjat med “söndags möten” där vi går igenom vad som måste göras under veckan #teamwork haha. Förresten jag har fått flera kommentarer på mina olika kanaler om att Oscar är advokat och det är enda anledningen varför jag är med honom. För det första så jobbar han inte som det längre, senast var 2015. Just nu jobbar vi tillsammans med min Youtube kanal, Instagram, blogg osv..Jag förstår mig inte på människor som måste kommentera teorier om andra människors liv. La upp den här väskan på mina Instagram stories häromdagen och fick ett meddelande som inte var så trevligt “Åh, ännu en present från Oscar? Börja jobba”. Blir så ledsen när jag läser sånt, inte för själva kommentaren utan för att folk inte verkar förstå att kvinnor/tjejer också kan köpa sina egna saker. Det måste inte alltid finnas en man bakom varje märkesväska/resa eller vad det nu kan vara. Aja förlåt för ett tråkigt inlägg, men kände bara för att skriva av mig lite. Blir så trött på sexistiska människor. Ha en fin måndag <3 Love, N