6:02 | May 18, 2016



– Where are you from?

Answer: I’m half Swedish half Sri-Lankan.

– What’s your diet:
Answer: I don’t know if I follow any specific diet. But I eat a lot of vegetarian food. I love fruits, veggies & I’m addicted to smoothies and peanut/almond butter.


– How can you travel so much?
Answer: Beside the blog I do a lot of model jobs and also jobs on my social media. Many of my trips are jobs as well. I worked in Bali for a brand and in Dubai I’m working for another brand (model jobs).

– How do you fix your eyebrows?
Answer: I don’t fix them haha. No but I almost never pick them, I like my bushy natural brows. On special moments I fill them in since they are not so equal. I hope our future kids gets Oscars eyebrows, they are the definition of perfection haha, he doesn’t even have hair between the brows.

– What does Oscar do?
Answer: He is a lawyer but works as a photographer and for me ;P Dream team.

– How much do you weight?
Answer: I always get this question but I have no idea. I would guess somewhere between 49-53 kg?

– Where are you going next?
Answer: Next week Dubai for a job, then somewhere in the Caribbean for a job (can’t tell you yet) and after that Philippines. We want to go to London and Ibiza somewhere between these trips as well.


– Do you ever fight with Oscar?
Answer: We are humans ofcorse we fight. But we are friends again very quick. Oscar is a very calm person so it’s not often that small “fights” becomes big for no reason.

– What’s your favourite destination that you have been to?
Answer: That’s a hard one. Sri-Lanka, Maldives & Bali. I don’t know it’s something about south Asia. The people there are amazing. I looove to hang out on the beach and these countries has summer the whole year hehe.

What do you do when you have a bad day?
Answer: I cry haha. No but I try to train, put myself in action in some way such as meeting a friend, clean, talk with mom, yoga.


– If you could hang out with a famous person one day who would it be?
Answer: Either go boxing with Adriana Lima, she seems to be so down to earth. Or hang out with funny Emilia Clarke, I love her!


I know you like these kind of questions so here we go again. I picked some randoms from Instagram and the blog. If you have any more question feel free to comment here! Love, N <3

20:12 | April 24, 2016



– I’m working on a big project for the moment but you will not see it until next year or much later this year.

– I’m very stubborn. When I want something have to get it. I mean look at me:


– Oscar is one year younger than me.

– Oscar is more mature than me haha.

I’m turning 25 the 6 of June! In Sweden it’s a really “big” age so I’m kind of excited for it.

– I wish I had a Ford KA 2011. Miss my little black pearl!

– I never thought that I would meet  Oscar again after my vacation in Barcelona 2012.

– I want to live in L.A for 1 month this year.

– I hate to answer the phone if I don’t see who’s calling. I either let Oscar answer or I sms the person 2 seconds later like “Hello, who?..wtf do you want???? Why are you calling this number??? No I’m kidding but I just ask “hello, who is this?”.


(My first and only tattoo)

– I want two more tattoos. One moon (been wanting it forever now) my mothers name means moon in sinhalese. Also a sentence that I love, I just can’t decide where yet.

–  I love Swedish candy. That was the first thing I ate when I came to Sweden. Google “lösgodis” to see what I mean.

– The first time I saw Oscar in the club in Barcelona I told my best friend “that’s my future husband” joking just because I thought he looked good. And he had sms:ed his friend when he came home “I met my future wife tonight”. Haha..and here we are 4 years later. Not really ready to be husband and wife maybe but happier than ever. One day <3

– I really really like the events in Barcelona. Many times very organised and fun!

– If I ever move back to Sweden it will be Stockholm. All the love in the world for Gothenburg but I would love to live in a bigger city.

– I love small “surprises”. Anything from getting a cup of tea without asking for it to breakfast in the morning, flowers. And I love to do the same for Oscar ofcorse. In fact I do it much more haha..Love him anyway <3


Do you like these kind of lists? I thought it would be fun to do something random. Tomorrow I’m back with the outfits <3 Love, N

18:30 | March 19, 2016



So I’ve finally made the video answering your questions, I have to say that I’m so freaking nervous to show you this. I became a bit scared of Youtube when I saw how much hate some of the other youtubers got. I’m a person that gets quite sad sometimes of mean comments hehe..It was really hard for me to choose the questions so if I didn’t answer your question feel free to comment it here again. I had to delete around 10 questions because the video was sooo long. Don’t forget to subscribe to my chanel because I will try to upload at least one video every week from now on! If you have any idea of what kind of videos I shall do feel free to tell me since I don’t have so much inspiration, and ofcorse I want to make videos that you want to see. Lots of love and please tell me some of your thought about me doing this 


 Så jag har äntligen spelat in videon där jag svarar era frågor här på bloggen. Jag måste erkänna att jag var så nervös med att ladda upp den här videon när jag fick se hur mycket hat de andra på Youtube fick stå ut med. Jag är en person som faktiskt kan bli lite ledsen över elaka kommentarer. Hur som haver det var väldigt svårt för mig att välja vilka frågor jag skulle svara på och jag var tvungen att ta bort ca 10 då videon var sååå lång. Glöm inte att prenumerera på min kanal, kommer att ladda upp fler videor i framtiden. Ska försöka med minst 1 video i veckan! Ni får gärna komma med olika förslag om vad ni vill se då jag inte har så jätte mycket inspiration och jag vill så klart göra videor som ni vill se. Massa kärlek och lämna gärna en kommentar om ni tycker att jag ska fortsätta.❤


18:25 | March 2, 2016


OMP_8608New looks 2016-006OMP_8610OMP_8620OMP_8602


Top: Urban Outfitters HERE / Leggins: H&M

Ok so now I need your help but for a new thing! I’ve got sooo many questions lately here on the blog so I thought I would answer you in a different way this time ♥ Ask me anything you want and I will answer it in a video in 1-2 weeks. I will choose around 20 questions to answer. First I was doubting so much in this video thing, but I mean you have already seen me in my travel videos when I’m sweating and looking dirty haha..so let’s do this!  Ask me anything you want, it can be about me and Oscar, moving here, food questions – whatever you want! LET’S GO! Love, N


Okej nu behöver jag eran hjälp! Jag har fått så otroligt mycket frågor den sista tiden så nu tänkte jag att jag skulle svara er på ett roligare sätt än att svara o kommentarsfältet. Så fråga mig vad ni vill i det här inlägget så svara jag er om 1-2 veckor i en video, jag kommer att välja ut 20 frågor. Först tvekade jag väldigt mycket över om jag skulle göra en video eller inte, men sedan tänkte jag äh ni har redan sett mig skitig och svettig i mina resevideor haha..Så nu kör vi! Fråga mig precis vad ni vill det kan vara om mig och Oscar, mat frågor, om flytten till Barcelona osv..KÖR! Love, N 

7:40 | February 27, 2016



Don’t forget to follow me on Bloglovin! I’ve had problems with my account and lost a lot of followers there because I had another account that people started to follow instead =/ So follow me there! I think it’s great because you can follow your favourite bloggers but also save the posts you get inspired of. In my account I follow a lot of different food blogs haha and also some interior blogs. So click here if you want to follow me. I’m off to the gym even though I’m feeling like a zombie. Love, N ♥


Glöm inte att följa mig på bloglovin! Jag har haft problem med mitt konto så förlorade massa följare där då jag hade ett annat konto som många började följa :/ Så glöm inte att följa mig där! Jag tycker att Bloglovin är grymt då man kan följa sina favorit bloggare men också spara inlägg man blivit inspirerad av. Jag följer massa matbloggar och framför allt inredningsbloggar. Så bra om man vill spara inspiration! Så klicka här om ni vill följa mig där. Nu ska jag till gymmet trots att jag känner mig som en zombie. Love, N