18:14 | October 16, 2016



Sorry for no update today, we’ve been working a lot on today’s video! I hope you liked it hehe. Love, N 

7:48 | October 12, 2016



Something I wish I was better at: Sleeping alone. Oh my I just can’t sleep without Oscar and that’s a big problem. I seriously lay awake until he gets home or I sleep with the light on in the whole apartment (just so that I can see if any killer har entered the apartment).

I’m proud of: Everything I’ve accomplished this year. It’s been a very busy year but I’m very proud for dealing with everything, well almost haha! I’m also proud of stepping out my comfort zone when it comes to making videos.

Todays mood: Woke up with a pretty bad mood but I changed it and now I’m really happy! I’m going to continue like this..

Something I’ve liked lately: Stranger things a serie we finished in 3 days haha. So in love with Eleven and you have to see it! You will understand what I’m talking about. Another thing I’ve liked lately is talking with Oscar about the future <3 It all feels so right and I’m just so excited to spend my life with him. We have so many things going on right now and I’m happy sharing it with all of you.

And not liked: The barking dogs our neighbours have. They seriously bark from 07.30 in the morning to 23.00 in the night.

Something you are longing for: Our new apartment, just want to move in. I think you already know that though hehe! But also my family in Sweden, my mothers foood and fresh air!

Disappointed with: A misstake we did last week, so disappointed. Also disappointed for not sharing more posts here with you, but it’s ok and it will get better.

Appreciate: Being alone once in a while. Since we work together every single day being alone and away from each other a bit is important. It helps us keep the romance and makes me not only think about work. I’m ofcorse also happy that we work a lot together but I also appreciate these small get aways that we do in the end of the day once or twice every week. For example go to a nice view, eat out, have a coffee somewhere.


8:22 | August 13, 2016




– We work togeheter everyday. Oscar takes all the photos and edits all the videos and deals with all the contracts I have and so on. It maybe sounds like a easy job but he spends around 9-11 hours some days just editing.

– Someone on the internet photoshopped away our faces in one picture and added Justin Biebers and Selena Gomez faces instead. People went crazy and thought they were back together. I had around 20-30 followers on Instagram sending me this picture, 2 girls even wrote mails to me telling me my picture was fake. I mean I’m like 15 cm taller than her or something, way to big body for that little head haha.

FullSizeRender 2

The original (I only found it in black and white on this computer):


– Oscar has a lawyer degree + a master and I studied economy 1 year (I stopped when I started with the blog because I didn’t have time) and before that I did some psychology and marketing courses.

– Our first big trip together was to Sri-Lanka and Maldives last year.

– We didn’t kiss until the 5:th day together and Oscar thought I had “friend zooned” him haha..

– We met when we were 19 and 20.

– In our home we speak English with a mix of Swedish and Spanish. I speak way more Swedish with Oscar though, but my Spanish is better hehe. I feel bad for our future children they will be so freaking confused. And my mom was like “I will speak singhalese with them”..

IMG_0789Here in Stockholm together

– The very first time we met (in Barcelona 2012) Oscar thought I was Spanish and started to speak Spanish with me. I was like “quuué?”

– We have been to 14 countries together. Sweden, Spain, Denmark, Estonia, Latvia, Sri-Lanka,Maldives, Zanzibar, Andorra, Mexico, Morocco, Indonesia, Dominican Republic and Italy.

– Oscars first sms me was “Hey I just met you and this is crazy but heres my number, so call me maybe” hahahaha..It was the hit of that summer I don’t know if you remember that song. Anyway so romantic right? ;P

7:26 | July 22, 2016



– Do you want to study in the future? 

Answer: I don’t know right now to be honest. I’ve always loved to study but right now I just feel like I want to focus on everything that is going on for the moment, but yes maybe in the future, you never know. All I know is that I’m a person that can’t sit still and I like to have things to do.

– Where do you want to live in the future?

Answer: I have so much love for Gothenburg, Sweden but I would say Spain. I feel really happy here and I’m very close with Oscars family as well so it feels natural for me now to say that my future will be here.


– Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Answer: I hope me and Oscar are living in a cozy house in the Mediterranean, I hope that we have 2 or 3 children and that we are doing things that we love no matter what it is.

– Do you want to get married?

Answer: Yes, yes and yes. After working in a wedding shop 4,5 year and seeing all the happiness around it I feel like I have to haha. No but I think it’s something beautiful, I mean how often do you gather everyone you love to celebrate love? I’m not super traditional with that it has to be before children but yes I would like it to happen before I’m 30 *Oscar read this haha*.

– Do you think you will have the same friends in the future?

Answer: I mean people comes and goes, but I think that some people you create such a strong bond with and they will always be with you even if it’s not in the same country (many of my close friends lives in Sweden). But my friend Amanda here in Barcelona is a person I have a feeling will always be with me. We have always been joking how we will be the Swedish immigrant moms when we pick up our future children from school haha. She is from Sweden and her boyfriend from Barcelona, same case as me hehe.


Me & My love Amanda<3

– A goal you have before 2026?

Answer: It makes me stressed just writing 2026 haha..No but I have many goals and a lot of plans for just next year, so you can imagine for 10 years hehe. I’m a person that writes down goals everyday, every week, month and year. I think it’s very important and it keeps you very motivated to go where you want to reach. My most important goal is to create a life that I’m happy with, so yes I would say that’s my goal.

– So far are you happy with your life?

Answer: I’m very happy, I had a pretty rough childhood so having the life I have now makes me feel really blessed. Never give up on your dreams!


I hope you liked this post. Love, N 


7:50 | May 31, 2016


Inspiration,Q&A,Training & Food

So I thought I should post my best skin tips here on the blog! It’s not been requested but I think you will like it anyway hehe. I’ve written about this before but it was a while ago.I used to have pretty bad acne when I was younger. The acne stopped but I got a lot of breakouts on my face even though I was eating healthy. I did some research on the internet and here is what I did to prevent the breakouts:

– Stopped with dairy products and replaced with coconut milk and almond milk.

IMG_0422(I always start my day with vitamins and green tea. Here is one of my favourites home made coconut/peanut cream with seeds and berries.)

– Cut down the sugar and junk food. 

-Stopped with bread and pasta. Bye bye gluten! (read about it here)


– I’ve always been a tea freak, then I read that green tea contains a lot of antioxidants so I started to drink that everyday. 

-I threw all my expensive acne creams and bought coconut oil, argon, risin oil and made home made face masks. Such as applying avocado, olive oil, lemon juice (on my scars from the pimples). I only use natural products for my skin. 

IMG_0961(Argan & coconut oil, my two favourites for the moment)

– Exercise and drink water. 

I still get some pimples once in a while but nothing like before. I try to drink a lot of water, not wear make up so often, I eat a lot of vegetables and fruits. And yes ofcorse once in a while I eat some pasta, ice-cream, drink alcohol or whatever I feel like. But it’s not in my “daily” diet when I cook at home. My body has also changed since I changed lifestyle, in a positive way. Ask me if you have more questions, I hope you liked this post. Love, N