10:12 | December 22, 2015


Outfits By: EMITAZ

Hello babes. I’m going to a film project later for a small job. I will tell you more about it when the video comes out because right now it’s a bit of a secret. By the way since I have many followers from different countries I’m curious to know if you celebrate Christmas the 24th or the 25th? Or maybe you don’t even celebrate Christmas? In Spain you don’t get any presents until January and they celebrate The three vise men (from the Bible) the 7th of January. They celebrate the 24-25 December but more like a religious thing/gathering the families and they don’t have a Santa Clause coming to their home (very typical in Sweden).I remember when Oscar  told me these things I thought it was so weird. But I’m getting used to it even though I’m very Swedish in my heart haha. My cousins which I celebrate Christmas with are like 12 and 18 and we still have a Santa Clause coming to the house in Sweden hahaha. Four or five years ago we had a woman as a Santa Clause with really big boobs and my cousin was around 7-8 back then. His face was priceless. We had to tell him that Santa Clause had made a operation haha. I couldn’t start laughing, and yes he stopped believing in Santa after that Christmas..Love, N

7:41 | August 17, 2015


Outfits By: EMITAZ,Wanderlust
OMP_2764 Natascha LankaOMP_2712OMP_2749 OMP_2728


Romper: L123 (HERE) // Shoes: Stradivarius // Bag: Zara

Last evening in Cantaloupe Level Hotels..After this photos we had some drinks and watched the sunset, it was magic. I know that I have been pretty bad updating outfits during my Sri-Lanka trip. But seriously I’m just walking around in converse and shorts – it’s tooo warm to take outfit pictures in this country..I end up sweating after just 2 minutes , but i hope you enjoy my pictures anyway! Today we have been to Yala safari..So fun!! We woke up 03.30 in the night to be there 05.00 and see the animals being active in the sunrise. We saw so many crocodiles, exotic birds and one elephant. We are doing it all over again tomorrow, hoping to see more wild elephants! Love, N