13:01 | February 7, 2016



I’m a person that really likes to have a order in my closet. Colour order, shoes in one place, sunglasses in another, you get it. After doing this I normally feel like I have a new closet because you also find old stuff that many times are trendy, but also the new order of the clothes makes you feel like it’s a new closet. So here are my 5 best tips to clean your closet!

– Create 3 boxes. One with broken clothes one with clothes you have not used for a while but you are not sure of, and another with clothes you don’t like anymore.



– Be hard on yourself. This might sound stupid or dramatic but it’s not. Take away the fear of separating from some clothes. I know that sometimes you can be very attached to a piece of clothing. Or if something was really expensive. But if you really don’t use it why make space for it? Put it in either the “Not sure box” or “Don’t like box”. Be hard on yourself!! And try to not use the phrase “buuut this one I can use in 10 years when I’m bigger” or the opposite. Just out with it or give it to someone that will appreciate it more.

– Create a color order in your closet. Black, white, nude, kaki, blue, yellow. It makes it easier for you to find what you need in the mornings for example – plus it looks much better! Since I blog a lot about fashion so I see it as a big relief to just be able to hold a pair of pants/skirt infront of the hanging shirts.


– Create a little market or donate. Do you have a lot of clothes to get rid of? Good, use the box with clothes that you don’t like and sell the ones that still look good  – or donate to some kind of organisation. Many organisations comes with their car to your doorstep if you have a big amount of clothes you want to give away. And ofcorse you can sell it on the internet. Ask a friend to help you to take some photos that you can put up.


– Don’t forget the pyjamas, workout clothes, lingerie, socks..It’s also important to once in a while clean out socks with holes, lingerie that you hate! For me underwear is very important. I don’t like old washed out underwear. Even if many people doesn’t see what I’m wearing under I kind of like the feeling of good looking underwear! I mean you never know..Lol I’m kidding but you get it! The same goes with my gym clothes.


Tadáaaa you have a new closet! So I hope my small tips helped. These are the things I use when I feel like I’m finding clothes that I don’t like. I also did this with my boyfriend not long time ago and he ended up donating a lot of clothes! Like the heart if you like these kind of posts! Remember that this takes time for me it takes around 7-10 hours to go through everything so make sure you have the time. Another good advice is to do it with a friend! Sometimes you need a friend to be totally honest with you. Love, N ♥

10:02 | January 31, 2016


Interior Inspiration1

We got the sketch from our apartment the other day, aaaah!! We are so excited to move now..It will be amazing! It will take a while until we move though since we are renovating every single room, changing the floor and windows etc. Our living room will be so big so we really have to figure out to do with that space. Oscar is so excited for the kitchen and I’m so excited for the walk in closet haha..I think I will be able to post the sketch in a few days so you can see it here. I love the walls of the last picture to the right, the grey dusty look! Thinking about painting our bedroom like that..Love, N

18:25 | January 23, 2016


Interior Inspiration1Interior Inspiration1-001

Picture source: Pinterest 

Scrolling through Pinterest and looking for some inspiration..since..we..are..moving! YAAAS! We are not moving now but in some months (I have to wait for Oscar to be done with his exam and so on). And after that we are moving to a bigger apartment. And guess what? You will be with me through this journey since I will make videos and also film it on my Snapchat (emitaz6). Right now we are just collecting inspiration and trying to figure out how use the different rooms..I also made some skisses yesterday since we probably will take down at least 3 walls in the apartment. It will be a really big project and I can’t wait to start it!! Since you know I’m crazy about interior so I hope that you want to see videos and the process of the apartment here on the blog. Love, N

13:15 | January 16, 2016


OMP_2040OMP_2036OMP_2050 Documents3

Yesterday I went to Tierra Extraña which is one of my favourite interior shops here in Barcelona. They have a lot of industrial interior stuff which I love. The shop is not so cheap but it’s one of the few shops in Barcelona that has this “industrial touch” in furnitures and decorations. I found the cushions in Primark on sale for 3€ each and the candle for 2€!  I bought some new things for my desk as well (which I don’t even have yet) haha..I was going to order one online but we just measured the place I was going to have the desk in and it was to small. Today we have been searching for some bookshelves without any result..I could never imagine that it would be so hard to find a bookshelf haha..Not even Ikea has ones that are 1,50. We will try again next week. I was not sure if I was going to post this or not, but I know that some of you wants to see what I buy for our home as well. Hit the heart button if you liked this post, then I know if I shall continue or not ♥ Love, N

8:25 | December 29, 2015


Interior Inspiration


Now it’s just 1 month before the big change in our apartment! Me and Oscar are switching rooms, I get his office and he will make a new office in my walk in closet. Why? Because that room was to small for my clothes haha…No but my mother has bought a closet for my me and it doesn’t fit in the room I have now because the room has a weird shape. I’m also going to buy a desk since I don’t have any place to work in (I sit in the living room) and work..In 2016 I have a lot of projects coming up so I could really need a desk. And Oscar is a bit tired of my clothes in his closet haha..Today I’m going to meet my manager and after that some shopping with Oscars mother. Love, N


Nu är det bara en månad kvar tills vi ska göra om våran lägenhet. Jag och Oscar ska byta rum, jag får hans kontor och han får min walk in closet. Varför? Min walk in closet var för liten haha..Nej men min mamma har köpt en stor garderob och den får inte plats i det rummet jag har nu pga att rummet har en konstig form. Jag ska också köpa ett skrivbord då jag inte har någonstans att jobba (sitter i vardagsrummet) och jobbar. 2016 kommer jag ha massa olika projekt så då måste jag verkligen ha ett skrivbord att jobba på plus att Oscar är väldigt trött på mina kläder som sakta men säkert tagit över hans garderob haha. Idag ska vi möta upp min manager och efter det ska vi shoppa med Oscars mamma. Love, N