7:55 | May 2, 2017



Something you see me wear at least 1-3 times in a week are t-shirts. I love t-shirts, especially if they have prints. I always hear that I have a very edgy style and one easy way to get a edgy look is to wear black jeans and a top/t-shirt with a print. A print from a rock band looks gives you a quite edgy style. Oscar has a lot of printed t-shirts that I like to wear as well, the GUESS one to the left is actually his t-shirt haha. So just search in your boyfriends (if you have one) or maybe brothers closet to find some fun t-shirts. I also like when the t-shirts just has a text on, like the one in the middle. Here comes my web shop favourites for the moment:
T-shirts with prints

1. HERE // 2. HERE // 3. HERE

If it’s not the biker jacket or bomber jacket, it’s my jeans jacket. I’m so into jeans jackets right now and I’ve bought 3 new ones just this month. One black with print on the back, one red and the blue one you see in the photo. A basic jeans jacket is nice, but I like it more if it has a print or some fun detail. The one I’m wearing to the left has a big print on the backside. I’m also a big fan of the jeans + jeans combination, you can see a picture of it when you scroll down. I really liked when they are a bit oversized and not petit and tight.

1. HERE // 2. HERE // 3. HERE

When I find a pair of sunglasses that I like I wear them until they don’t exist anymore (I lose them) haha. You have probably seen me wearing these ones a lot latley. I find it hard to find a pair of glasses that fits my face so when I do I just use them a lot.  I know in the fashion industry you’re supposed to change a lot, the more often the better. But when I find a pair that fits me I kind of stay with them for a while. The yellow ones just makes a outfit pop out a lot which I love. I thought they went very well with the denim + denim look that I wore in Paris. My everyday ones is a pair of wannabe Ray Bans from Bershka. Oscar has told me 100 times to buy the ones from Ray Ban but I don’t want to do it since I lose a lot of my sunglasses. I’ve already bought look a likes 3 times..They work perfect and the only difference is the logo haha. Favourite Sunglasses

1. HERE // 2. HERE // 3. HERE

I like basic shirts as well but latley I’ve been into shirts that has a frills, I think it’s called like that in English? Or just shirts with a twist. The beige one in the photo is my favourite at the moment. It will look so good with a pair of just blue shorts as well in the summer.  A shirt with a twist can really make a whole look pop out. Some of my favourites online:

Shirts with a twist

1. HERE // 2. HERE // 3. HERE

6:31 | April 7, 2017



I think that my blog has been so boring lately. I’ve not felt inspired at all..But after some hours on Pinterest I actually feel like I’m a bit more inspired. Both when it comes to outfits, details, interior etc..I really want to start sharing more fun posts but I don’t know how often I shall blog? I feel like 1 post/day is enough + 1-2 videos every week and Instagram everyday. What do you think? By the way I went a bit crazy on some webshops yesterday haha! I don’t even want to see how much I spent. But you know you’ve spent a lot when your bank sends you text messages haha. Yes, my bank here in Spain sends me text messages if I’ve spent over a certain amount of money. Some packages has already arrived so I will go and pick it up later. I wanted to order it before Paris so I’m happy it arrived in time, or at least 1 of 3. I also have to book tickets to Sweden today, going there in the beginning of June woooop! My cousin is graduating from high school, yes in Sweden it’s a big thing haha. I guess one of the biggest things in a young Swedes life, believe it or not. It feels like I graduated yesterday but it was 6 years ago, aaah I’m getting old haha. I don’t even want to celebrate my birthday this year, anxiety. Anyway I have to go! Love love looove, N

17:17 | February 24, 2017



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Hello babes! The alarm woke us up at 07.00 this morning because we wanted to start our day early since we had so many things to do in Barcelona today. Buuut when we went to the car we saw that one of our tires was broken haha. So we went to the train and missed a lot of things we had to do in Barcelona. It sucks because it’s the last “work” day I have in Barcelona for 2 weeks. I love living on the outside of Barcelona since it’s very crowded and I feel stressed about that but days like this I wouldn’t mind living on the Rambla in Barcelona haha! Anyway I’m going to drink some coffee now, we are probably meeting up some friends later tonight. I hope you have a nice Friday! Love, N

10:02 | February 15, 2017



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As I told you the other day I’m totally hooked on beige and powder pink tops for the moment. I need number 4 and 5 in my closet noooow haha. Number 4 is to die for, I love it! It’s very inspired from Spain? Reminds me a bit of a flamenco dancer. If you don’t know how a flamenco dancer looks like here is a picture. We didn’t do anything special yesterday to be honest, we don’t take Valentines day super serious. I’m on my period as well so I was laying in the sofa with cramps and Oscar went to his friends and watched Champions league. I’m not a person that wants a big Teddy bear, 100 roses and chocolate (ok yes Chocolate is fine). Where’s my chocolate Oscar?  Birthdays on the other hand is important, I love to spoil my closest family/friends on birthdays! How about you guys? Do you take Valentines serious? If you do what did you do? Love, N


Som jag berättade i ett tidigare inlägg så är älskar jag just nu beige/puderrosa toppar och tröjor. Jag behöver nummer 4 och 5 i min garderob nuuu haha. Nummer 4 är verkligen helt fantastisk, lite inspirerad av en flamenco dansare från Spanien? Om ni inte vet hur de ser ut så kan ni klicka på den här bilden. Vi gjorde inget igår för att vara ärlig, vi tar inte Alla hjärtans dag så seriöst. Jag har mens också så jag låg i soffan med kramper och Oscar kollade på Champions league med sina vänner. Jag är inte tjejen som vill ha ett stort gosedjur, 100 rosor och choklad (ok choklad vill jag alltid ha). Oscar vart är min choklad? Däremot är födelsedagar ganska viktiga för mig,  jag älskar att skämma bort mina nära och kära när de fyller år. Hur gör ni? Firar ni alla hjärtans dag, isåfall vad gjorde ni? Love, N 


15:32 | February 6, 2017



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A little collage of tops/knits/dresses that I want for the moment. I’m in love with the dress, number two. With beach waves and heels or sandals, me like! I’ve had problems with my Instagram, Youtube and mail lately. It’s just so weird, I couldn’t answer any of you comments yesterday on Youtube and 100 comments were deleted in my latest video. I’m wondering if it’s the same hacker that went into my blog, I still don’t get what’s funny doing that. Love, N


Ett litet collage med toppar/tröjor som jag vill ha just nu. Älskar klänningen (nummer 2), tänk er den med beach waves, klackskor eller sandaler, så fint! Har haft lite problem med min Instagram, Youtube och mail de här dagarna. Så konstigt, kunde inte svara på era kommentarer plus att över 100 var raderade. Undrar om samma person har hackat sig in där? Förstår inte att folk lägger ner tid på sånt..Love, N