19:11 | October 3, 2015


By Oscar Minyo,Wanderlust

OMP_1201MomentsOMP_1204..like thisOMP_1227are everything.


Over 3 years ago since we met and my heart still belongs to you, more than ever. You know when you feel 100% safe with someone, when you feel 100% loved & supported… that’s how I feel everyday with Oscar. The best thing that has ever happend to me, can’t wait to see what the future holds ♡


9:37 | September 17, 2015


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Hello darlings. This is a little teaser for what’s comming up next… The full video will be done in about 1 or 2 months. It takes a really long time to edit a video when you have other stuff to do, and we have so much material that we need to go through. We have been filming a lot of things that we have been doing and I can’t wait to share it with you guys!! I really hope you like it. I feel so happy and emotional when I see the video. It has the best trip I have ever done in my life, and I feel so lucky that I got to share it with Oscar. Can’t wait for our next adventure!! Now tell me: Did you like the teaser?  Love, N

19:02 | September 14, 2015


By Oscar Minyo,Wanderlust
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OMP_8440-2Photos by: Oscar MinyoMALDIVES

Hello babes. I’m back on track..Finally back with good internet! Ah the motivation is not really on top when you are fighting with wifi all the time. Seriously I found good wifi around 3-4 times during 1,5 month haha..Anyway I have so much to show you! These photos where very spontaneous, I was going to shower and Oscar started to take pictures, and it turned out being a quick photoshoot haha..The pictures are very nice in color as well but I wanted to do something different this time. I’m as you might know back in Barcelona – and it feels S O GOOD! Missed our apartment, my second family..and good wifi haha! Love, N


21:32 | July 28, 2015


By Oscar Minyo,Outfits By: EMITAZ
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Untitled Export-003OMP_0107OMP_0095Shirt: Double Agent // Shoes: Adidas // Bag: Forever21 // Shorts: Tobi Heart Ginger

Hello babes! I’m sorry that I have not blogged until now. I have been in Barcelona the whole day trying to fix my phone and after that I ate dinner with Oscar at my favourite restaurant “Flax&Kale”. You have to eat in that restaurant if you ever visit Barcelona. Now I’m going to watch the last chapter of Game of Thrones! I’m feeling so bad about it… How can you be so attached to a TV serie?! I have to wait a freaking year to watch the next season. I seriously sit and cry when someone dies in that serie (if I like the person… ok, if I love the person). The same with Breaking Bad: I was addicted to that serie haha… Walter White in my heart! Love, N.


Hej finisar! Ledsen att jag inte bloggat så bra idag, har varit i Barcelona hela dagen och försökt att fixa min iphone som just nu lever sitt egna liv och efter det åt jag middag med Oscar i min favorit resturang Flax&Kale, ni måste besöka den resturangen om ni är i Barcelona – helt fantastisk mat. Nu ska vi titta på sista avsnittet av Game Of Thrones och jag är sååå ledsen över det, måste vänta ett helt år innan nästa avsnitt kommer ut. Hur kan bli så beroende av en serie? Jag sitter seriöst och lipar när vissa dör haha. Exakt samma sak hände när jag kollade på Breaking bad..Walter White i mitt hjärta! Love, N.

9:59 | July 27, 2015


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T-shirt: Subdued / Shorts: H&M


Another grey day in Barcelona, so cosy! We have just eaten breakfast on our balcony..Ice coffee is a big favorite this summer – I’m addicted! It’s really delicious now when it’s so warm here. July has been a really good month, but I’m longing so much for August right now. Our trips and all the adventures that are waiting for us in Asia (Sri-Lanka and Thailand). We sat down yesterday and planned our trip so we more or less know what do to. I can’t wait to show Oscar the other half of my roots. As you might now my dad is swedish and my mother is from Sri-Lanka. Oscar has been many times in Sweden but it’s the first time he will visit Sri-Lanka so I can’t wait to show him everything! I’m super freaking excited..I hope that you will follow my adventure there – I don’t know how the internet will work out there but I hope I will be able to post once in a while at least! Love, N


Ännu en grå dag i Barcelona, så mysigt! Vi har precis ätit frukost på balkongen, iskaffe är en stor favorit den här sommaren – jag är beroende! Det är så uppfriskande nu när det är så varmt här. Juli har varit en otroligt bra månad men nu vill jag bara att det ska bli Augusti. Längtar tills vi börjar våra äventyr i Sri-Lanka och Thailand. Vi satt ner igår och planerade på ett ungefär vad vi ska göra under resan. Jag längtar till att få visa Oscar den andra delen av mina rötter, som ni kanske redan vet så är min pappa svensk och min mamma från Sri-Lanka. Oscar har varit i Sverige många gånger, men det är första gången han besöker Sri-Lanka så jag längtar tills jag får visa honom allt där! Jag är såååå exalterad, jag hopppas att ni hänger med på min resa här i bloggen, jag  vet inte hur det kommer att vara med internet där borta men jag hoppas att jag kommer kunna uppdatera ganska ofta i varje fall! Love, N