19:01 | June 9, 2016


Barcelona Guide

Yesterday in one of my favourite shopping centers, La Maquinista. I guess the only reason this is my favourite is because they have Forever21 and a huuuge Bershka haha. We met up with Marc and Marta for dinner and to plan some trips together. Looks like we are doing a big trip in September/October. Anyway today has not been my day at all. I’ve been crying the whole morning because of cramps and then I was sitting with a big project for hours and everything got deleted. I have such a PMS when I’m in that time of the month, drama queen for everything haha. I hate it. Just want this day to end, I’m so frustrated. Going to clean a bit and prepare some work for tomorrow. I hope you’ve had a better day. Lots of love, N <3

12:04 | June 5, 2016


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PRIMAVERA SOUND X H&M 2016 / Streetstyle

Aaaah! I have no words for how much fun we’ve had those days with these amazing people. Yesterday we met up in Primavera Sound at 19.00, enjoyed the music, ate a lot of junk food and chilled. Later we went to Marcs and Biels hotel to take it easy a bit before going to the party in San Cugat. We had so much fun there until 7 this morning..Oscar is still sleeping and he is going to have such a bad hangover today that I can tell haha..I didn’t drink yesterday since we took the car so I’m fit for fight for tonight as well. Going to celebrate my birthday a liiittle bit tonight with two friends of mine. My birthday is tomorrow wiho! Anyway I hope you’re not tired of my festival pictures because I have some more to show you. By the way I saw that some of you have asked about the clothes! Me and all my friends in these pictures are working with H&M so everything is from H&M’s festival collection in these pictures. By the way meet some of you at the club yesterday, nothing but love!! You are always so nice and I get so happy when you come and say hello <3 And a big thanks to Sole and the rest of the H&M crew for these amazing days! Love, N

12:21 | June 1, 2016


Barcelona Guide


So I thought I should be better shooting daily photos so here we go, yesterday in La Tramoia which is one of my favourite restaurants in Barcelona. We had lunch there before our meeting with H&M. Freaking love the team I’m working with in there, so nice people. As you might know I’m shooting a video with them on Friday for Primavera Sound, so so fun!! 🙂 You will be able to see it later here on the blog I think or on their webpage I’m not sure. Anyway I have been sitting with mails for around 5 hours and now I’m going to get dresses. One meeting and after that I will shoot some stuff with my määän. Love, N

10:57 | March 26, 2016


Barcelona Guide,Training & Food

Some days ago me and Oscar went on a date in Barcelona and we wanted to try something new. As always Oscar checks trip advisor and we ended up here – and I LOVED IT. The restaurant is called Vegetalia and it’s located in El Born. The food was delicious and everything was vegan/vegetarian. The only “bad” thing was that the first plates where so big both of us where looking at eachother like “oh no” when we finished the nachos and soya nuggets haha. It’s one of my new favourite restaurants in Barcelona and we are definitely going back. Now I’m going to buy presents for my nieces in Sweden since I’m going there in April. I looove to buy clothes for them but I don’t want to seem like the “boring auntie” so I will try to find some fun toys. They are 4 and 2,5 years old. I don’t know if I’ve told you this but they are named after cars. Aston & Elise, I guess you can guess Aston Martin but Elise is from Lotus Elise which is my brothers favourite car, well one of them. I hope they will have a third child soon..what will it be? Maybe Volvo representing Sweden? No I’m just kidding. I actually love the name Mercedes and Austin. Ok I love how I started this post about a vegetarian restaurant talking about names from cars. Have a nice Saturday! Love, N <3

9:12 | February 4, 2016


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Backstage from Justicia Ruano & Custo fashion show

It’s fashion week in Barcelona so I went to one of the shows yesterday – Custo Barcelona. A really good show and I got to go backstage to take some pictures as well during the other shows..so much fun!! I’m so doing that again hehe. All the models were so pretty and I recognised some of them, the girl on the third picture is a Victoria’s Secret model. I’m not sure if I’m able to go to any show today since I have another work I must go through and later today we are going to have dinner with Oscars parents. Time to hit the gym! Love,N