About Me


ETHNICITY/AGE/FAMILY: Emelie Natascha, 23 years old from Gothenburg, Sweden. Her father is from Sweden and her mother from Sri-Lanka. She grew up in Gothenburg but visited Sri-Lanka a lot during her childhood. She has two older brothers.

BODY:  Height: 1,70 – Skintone: Olive brown – Eyes: Dark brown – Weight: 50-53 kg


RELATIONSHIP: Her boyfriend Óscar is also her photographer. He is a catalan/spanish and born in Barcelona. They met in the summer of 2012 in Barcelona when Natascha was there on vacations. The two of them had a distance relationship for 2 years before she moved to him in Barcelona.


PASSIONS: Her passions are travel, yoga, the ocean, books, meditation, food, martial arts (taekwondo), paint and photography.

NEXT STOP: Menorca, France, Sri-Lanka and Thailand.