9:10 | April 1, 2018



Saturday mood on! Woke up in the best kind of way today, made pancakes and now I’m home doing laundry. I thought I would have a quick coffee and then go to the gym. Later I’m just going to study Spanish the whole day before meeting up my friends from Sweden tonight. I wish I had more time to study Spanish, it’s quite difficult for my teacher to give me a book to follow since my Spanish is from “the street” I have never studied Spanish so my Spanish is just from listening and trying to talk with friends. So we just to practise the things I’m not so good in. I started for real with the Spanish in January and I’m really feeling the progress, Eva is one of the best teachers I’ve had. I highly recommend Speakeasy Language school here in Barcelona if you want to learn Spanish. I do private classes since my job includes a lot of travelling it’s hard to put me in a class. If you’re from Sweden you can get CSN, it’s one of the few language schools that gives you that in Barcelona. Anyway I’m going to finish my coffee and then I’m off to the gym. Love

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  1. prasha on

    You look beautiful as always! I really admire your motivation to learn Spanish even though you travel a lot!
    Also, I love pancakes but can’t seem to make them correct yet, if you ever get time please do them smoothie, or any healthy food videos.

    love xxx

  2. Dirk on

    Haha… I was very curious about the meaning of “lördag”. So I looked it up… and omg… it’s just “saturday” in Swedish. 😁 but I’m glad to know. Looking at the picture it also could have been the Swedish word for “cute, sympathetic, and stunning girl (in love)” 😈😉

  3. Llana on

    I’ve just started learning Thai and I’m finding it so difficult! I have lessons over Skype with my teacher and an hour a week isn’t enough but at least it’s a start. Do you study it a lot on your own? I always think if I do that then I will get the pronunciation wrong… good luck with your lessons!


  4. Maddi on

    I’ve always found the DuoLingo app really helpful to keep everything fresh in my mind, especially when traveling as it’s so easy to fit in a few minutes a day when I’d just be scrolling through something else. Definitely suggest it if you haven’t been using it already! xx


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