8:25 | March 26, 2018



Our living room, I love the interior here. 

The light came in just perfect so we played a bit with the camera. I think that this is one of my favourite photos that I have ever taken.

Walk in closet. I had to change room by myself when we got an upgrade, here I am satisfied after hanging/folding all our clothes hehe. I’m a person that needs to get it done as fast as I arrive to a new room. I can’t have things in my luggage.

Our master bed! We slept like two babies here.


Since I’m going back to London tomorrow I thought I would show you a little throwback from 2 weeks ago. It’s so crazy to think that it was already 2 weeks ago since we went to London, time really flies. Here’s some photos from our suit in Radisson Blue Edwardian Mercer Street (here is a link). We couldn’t have stayed in a more perfect place in London. So close to everything, Oxford street, Covent Garden and a lot of great restaurants. Highly recommended if your planning to visit London. It also felt really safe walking around there even at night, a lot of people around. We got upgraded the last 2 nights to this suit, and I can’t wait to get back here one day! By the way if you’re ever in London you should really go and see a theater, we wen’t to see a comedy and no we didn’t understand every joke they said but we had a lot of fun anyway. I guess when a lot of people are laughing you just start laughing. The wine before the theater I guess helped a bit as well because we just needed to look at each other to start laughing. Today I’m packing for London again but before that I’m going to the gym. I really need it! Love


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