16:42 | March 15, 2018

London Look

Outfits By: EMITAZ

Coat: Zara // Bag: Aigner Munich // Belt: Massimo Dutti // Cap: Old, but H&M has a similar.

We’re being so lucky with the weather here in London. Even now it’s really sunny outside my window. We just got a really nice upgrade here at Radisson Hotel and I thought I would take some photos tomorrow to show you our room, so happy with it! I have just packed up everything and put it in the walk in closet and now I’m waiting for G to come home from his photoshoot so that we can go out and enjoy the sun. I still can’t believe how lucky we have been, it rained more in Bali than here. Earlier today we had a coffee with Leah from Urban Outfitters, Iv’e been talking with her for over 3 years and now we finally met, such a sweet girl. After that we did some shopping at UO, I thought I would show you the pieces we got another day. I have to get ready now and then we’re out. Love!

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  1. Ila on

    Gladaste tjejen någonsin över att ha dig tillbaka i bloggvärlden. Inte för att det är vår ensak kring vad du gör men du har alltid inspirerat mig och det är kul att ha dig tillbaka.


  2. prasha on

    OMGGGGGGGGGGG. Why have i seen this so late! I can’t believe you came to London, I wish I met you. I’ve been reading your blogs since 2014, (literally everyday). So past few weeks, When i came on to the website, there was no update. So now I just checked and it looks like your back and im so happy! I’ve missed reading your posts.
    I hope you come to London again!


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