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Missed this. Missed sharing my daily looks, fashion I get inspired of, a bit of daily photos interior and so on. It’s been a big journey for me the last 10 months and now that I feel like I have everything under control (more or less) I feel like I can start sharing more posts here as well. I will not share every day but I will do my best. The blog has always been like a little diary for me where I could share things that inspired me and also the place I felt like I had a big connection with you guys as well. I even know some of your names (the ones that comments often). Sorry for disappointing so many of you but it was a lot of different things going on for me last spring and I really needed a big break from both the blog and Youtube. I also went from posting 3-4 photos on Instagram to 1, but at least I tried my best to be active there. Anyway away with the negative thoughts and let’s do this. I wish I could explain all details to you but sometimes you also have to respect that other persons in my life want privacy, and so do I. I’m so motivated and I have so many things I want to share with you! Tomorrow I’m going to London, I haven’t been there since 2009 so I’m really excited to go back. By the way I’m going to change the design on the blog hopefully next week. Also let me know what you like to read about!

Lots of love!

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  1. Maria Neves on

    Dear Emitaz,
    I am so happy you’re finally back and totally respect your decision (the long break). I would love to read about your trip to Bali, your My Dubai experience, how is your Spanish going, and, of course, your new “friend” (who is really hot by the way, congratulations eheh). Hope you’re happy and in peace, let’s freaking do this!

  2. Hannah on

    So nice to have you back !!!
    Keep up the fashion/style posts… your style is incredible and I missed the daily inspiration so am happy to see some posts in the near future.

    Love from Sydney, Australia


  3. Ceciliadenise on

    Yaaaasss, favoriten 🙌🏼 Vill läsa de du vill skriva. Vill gärna se youtube också, jag gillar mest klipp som inte är för ansträngda, utan är lite mer real om du fattar 🤔 din humor kommer fram mer då och den är bäst 😅❤️

  4. Dirk on

    Really missed your daily posts… But I’m glad you’re feeling better and you’re back on the blog. Have a nice time in London. 😉

  5. Marlene on

    She’s back!!!! Ah i’ve checked the blog so many times and now I’m so happy! I can tell you feel happier and healthier and for that – you go girl!

    Can’t wait to see what you’ve got up your sleeves!


  6. Flor on

    Omggg!! I’m soooo happy yassss!! I was waiting for this so long, I miss u so much Emily. You are my favourite blogger and of course a inspiration and a motivation for me since I knew this blog. I hope that u are back again, pleeeease hahah :*

  7. Yuna Vergult on

    SO SO SO happy you are back, but most of all I’m happy that your’re in a happy place again! You deserve it girl x


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