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Arrival, dinner time!

First morning, it couldn’t be more beautiful. Thanks for having us Four Seasons!

Balcony views. A good thing being a person that wakes up early is that you never miss any sunrise. 

A very happy girl the first night & my favourite type of breakfast. Nuts, berries, seeds – and loads of them!

Every corner is beautiful in Paris.

Last day we had a lot of rain but it was perfect anyway. 

Coffee before heading to the airport

Link to the Four Seasons George V hotel: HERE 


As you know I was in Paris some weeks ago. I have totally forgot to share some of my photos from that trip so here we go. It’s was the first time I was in Paris as a tourist so I really enjoyed it. We stayed at the George V Hotel which in the center of Paris. It’s perfect located with a walking distance to the most typical sight seeings in Paris. The interior in the hotel is really incredible, I love the classical styling it has and it really gives you these Parisian vibes. The bedroom, bathtub everything was so pretty! Since I don’t have a bathtub in my home I always make sure to use it when I’m staying in hotels. So relaxing!

Even though I just had 2 days in Paris, one of them with a lot of rain I had a lot of fun. We did everything from strolling around the Eiffel Tower, having lunch beside the Louvre, Moulin Rouge, meeting up with my friend Reenan. I really recommend you to visit Montmantre, the neighbourhood around there is so cozy and filled with paintings by locals. It’s just a really nice neighbour hood to just walk around in. Something I really love with Paris is the cafeterias around the city and the way the chairs and tables are placed. You sit beside each other instead of infront and I just think it’s so romantic. I honestly wouldn’t mind living in Paris for one month next year. I think it could be a great challenge and life experience. As you know I travel a lot for work there and I have a couple of friends there as well. But let’s see about that. I’m going to eat yesterdays pancakes now. I made way to much..

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  1. Dalal on

    I hope you will get back to your previous blogging pace, even with just phone pictures. Especially that you seem to travel and collab more… I know you must need an adjustment period because you lost your business partner consequently, the content production process has changed a lot for you, but you have a faithful following and you CAN do it. Don’t let down your blog in profit of social media… your Instagram account is not really yours at the end, it’s Instagram’s. But your blog is yours, and I’m personally having a hard time keeping up with everyone on IG since the algorithm change.

    Good luck and stay true to yourself boss girl, you’ve been a huge inspiration to me in that sense… of being yourself.



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