16:03 | November 13, 2017



As you know I’m one of Isadoras ambassadors and this time it was time to try a autumn make up look.  I’ve never been really into make up until I went to Cannes and realised what it can do to my face haha! No but it was such a nice trip and I learned some new things during that trip that I thought I would show you in this video. The links to the products I’m using are in the description box under the video. Anyway you know I’m not the best but I hope you liked it anyway! I really recommend Isadora since it’s one of the few big brands that doesn’t test on animals! Big cred for that. Love, N 
                  – In collaboration with Isadora.

7 Responses to “AUTUMN MAKE UP”

  1. Karolina on

    Hello E;)
    First of all i want to tell you that you such a inspiration for me. I like watch your vlogs – you making my day better and giving me motivation to learning spanish( i started 2 years ago but still is difficult:P;).I really hope that you not goona stop to records vlogs and you will find your own motivation.
    Wish you the best
    Besos desde Cracovia;)))

  2. Sara on

    ,,Never ignore a person who loves you, cares for you, and misses you. Because one day, you might wake up from your sleep and realize that you lost the moon while counting the stars.”

  3. lola on

    hello natasha !

    I love your style, all your vlogs are great ! your blog is also amazing. You just should change your presentation in “about me”. the informations are not valid anymore ! you changed your life so there are some mistakes there.


  4. Julienne on

    Well…obviously you do look a lot (!!!) better with make up, without it’s not that good to be honest…but however I would find it so much better if you promoted more naturalness… Instagram is full of yours and other people’s posed pictures. More of your travels please! Not this stuff 🙂


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