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Alone. I’m a person that loves to be alone. I love having a nice company but I don’t mind being home alone on a Friday night reading books, watch a movie or whatever. I have so many friends that needs to go out and party or to have company. I’ve never been like that and I really enjoy my own company. I’ve kind of always been like this. Loved to play alone or read books when I was younger. I think it’s important to spend time with yourself.

Music. I have a very wide music taste. I can listen to basically anything. One moment I’m playing Una Mattina by Ludvico Einadui and the other minute I’m playing reggaeton or Elvis Presley.

Experience. I would take a nice experience over a material thing any time. I just think a hike in the mountain, a small get away gives so much more.

Spain. As you know I’m from I’m from Sweden and born in Gothenburg. But I never want to move back to Gothenburg, I love the city I’m from it’s not about that. I’ve just become a more happy and motivated person since I moved to Barcelona. This city has given me so much. Even if I’m living a lone at the moment I’m really good here. I work a lot in the Spanish market and I want to continue doing that. I really see myself here in the future as well. I’ve already planned where I want my future house haha!

Brave. I wish I was more brave with some things. Sometimes I have hard to express what I want to say and sometimes I’m not brave enough to put actions to what I want. Normally I just need a small push from the people around me.

– Friends. I have very few friends but that I’m really close with. But I love having it that way. Many people asks me if I the blogger friends also are my real friends. And the answer is yes. I’ve found some really amazing people in this business that I’ve kept good contact with even if they live in Madrid, Germany or Sweden. I know we would continue being friends even if we didn’t have Instagram. I don’t know some people you just connect with really good and in my job I meet a lot of new people all the time.


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    • emitaz on

      Jag klippte det precis haha! 🙂 Mitt hår har alltid växt som ogräs..Jag gör inte så mycket med mitt hår, plattar det aldrig och lockar det kanske 2-3 gånger i månaden max.

  1. Netti on

    When speaking of being brave — you should probably address your oscar situation with your followers. I think it’s quite superficial to talk only about happy life and when things go right way. Life is not always a lemonade. Everyone is going though struggles and your followers would like you more if you were honest. Social media people forget to be freaking humans.

    love xx

    • emitaz on

      I don’t need to share anything about me and Oscar if I don’t want to.
      And I will not, he doesn’t want to and you need to respect that.
      Best regards,

      • Sara on

        It’s awful that people interfere in someone’s life. That you are popular doesn`t mean you have to share with us all. It`s good about you. You are the authority for me and this situation only confirms it.
        I’m sorry that this happened. All the best Dear Emilie 🌹

      • Dirk on

        Hey N., you are completely right. You don’t need to share everything with your followers. Whatever happened between you and Oscar is something very personal and is strictly between you two guys. Keep it that way. I only hope that neither of you haven’t been hurt too much. You are such a sweet person… you shouldn’t get questions like that. 😶

      • Joy on

        I agree with you, but I also agree with Netti. Basically, you are forced to doing nothing. You have no obligation regarding anyone. However, you have shown / shared so much of your life on your blog + other social medias that people actually feel like they know you.
        Truth is, we DO NOT know you. However, that’s the feeling you give people and I think it’s done on purpose. Indeed, to win followers’ loyalty, all bloggers play this “I wanna look friendly” game and accept to let people in their life. I know you did not asked for what happened to you lately, but we (people on the internet) also did not ask you in the first place to let you in your life. Therefore, you cannot blame people for wanting to know. In the end, it’s true it’s none of our business… However, as I said, people end up feeling like they know you. Sane people/followers do not wish to know the details regarding your private life (because it’s all yours). But, it’s true that most people must be expecting to read something about it. Even if it’s just “It’s over with Oscar. A new life is waiting for me. That’s why I decided to move apartments. However, I do not want to talk about it, so please respect this decision”. Instead of that, you just put random articles briefly mentioning how life has been hard lately and that you are now living alone. People feel lost (not to mention those who feel “sad” because, after following you for years, they kinda feel your pain). And I think it’s only human nature.
        Now, I sincerely wish you all the best.

        • emitaz on

          I have written it around 10 times on my social media, so has he. In insta stories and I’ve also been answering comments.
          What more does people want? We don’t need to explain anything that is just between me and him.
          We’re good friends and that’s all that matters for me. I don’t have to make a video where I cry and explain everything that has happened. He doesn’t want me to write
          or talk about it either. And since I love and care about him I respect that. And so should you guys.

          The respect I have for him is more important than people asking me about what happened. It’s a person I still love and care about
          if he doesn’t want me to talk about it, I will not. I get around 5-10 messages on Instagram about Oscar and he also gets comments under his
          photos, we are tagged in photos like “please go back to each other”. You think it’s easy? Just try to imagine what it’s like. Anyway it’s been 7 months
          and we’re really good with each other. That’s as much information I want to give out. I’m not going to sit and explain details.

          Have a nice day!

          • Netti on

            Joy – totally agree with you.

            I never said I want to hear about intimate details about THEIR relationship. Personally, I don’t care.
            But i noticed how much people write and ask about it. I mean, who hasn’t?!
            I think it’s quite immature not to say anything about it and just post random shit completely ignoring elephant in the room.
            If you made a post on the beginning saying that you guys broke up and that’s it – you would save yourself from so many messages that you and Oscar got on insta in the last 7 months. By hiding it it gets worse.

            On the other hand, sometimes it helps when you hear that other people are going through things like you do.
            Hope this helps you!

      • Not today on

        I am going through something similar and am not ready to tell the world. My family and friends know but I haven’t told anyone at work. I’m just not ready to. It was a long relationship and it didn’t end well but it is my business and I am just not comfortable sharing that part of my life. Everyone should do what they feel is right for them. I love your blog and thanks for your openness in this post.

      • Melissa Gomez J on

        I agree with you! You shouldn’t talk about something if you don’t want to, or you don’t feel ready to do so. I am very sorry to see so many people demanding details about your personal life as if it would be your duty to keep us inform about every single situation in your life. I wish a lot of light and love in your life.
        Best regards

    • Angelina on

      Are you kidding??? Why should she do that?? It’s her life and her own decision. Just because she is active on social media doesn’t mean that her fans need to know everything what’s happening in her life. And how can you say that she is not honest?? Just because she doesn’t tell every detail about her relationship doesn’t mean that she is not a honest person.
      Natascha, I’m so sorry that you need to read those stupid judgemental comments. 🙁 stay strong!

    • Max on

      To read something like this makes me so angry. How can someone really be that brazen? Just because she’s on social media doesn’t mean that she has no privacy or that you have the right to know what is going on with her relationship. She is a normal human being like you so please give her some respect.

  2. miuhenry on

    Hey N,
    Since you post less than before on the blog I don’t come as often but it’s always good to hear from you, and I LOVE these kind of posts ! I found myself reading you REALLY haha : I’m just like you ! I love spending time with just myself sometimes – maybe too much – but that’s a good thing.. I think 🙂 And as for friends, I think numbers is not important, as long as you have quality friends ! Anyway, can’t wait for your next post ! Hope you’re doing well, love xxx

  3. Nancy on

    Just keep your head up as you always did, you’re an amazing girl and no matter happen, you know life is too short. Idk what the reason but as a girl say before it’s your own business, I mean take your time about things that care for you, life is sometimes beautiful and sometimes awful but I wish you a lot of courage.
    LOVE N

  4. Deva on

    I started following you because you were in Friends with Janni. Really love that you both seem so happy and natural! 😍
    I live in Stockholm now but I’m originally from Spain. I heard you speak reeeally good Spanish on your Vloggs! How/when did you learn? 🙂


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