16:03 | November 13, 2017



As you know I’m one of Isadoras ambassadors and this time it was time to try a autumn make up look.  I’ve never been really into make up until I went to Cannes and realised what it can do to my face haha! No but it was such a nice trip and I learned some new things during that trip that I thought I would show you in this video. The links to the products I’m using are in the description box under the video. Anyway you know I’m not the best but I hope you liked it anyway! I really recommend Isadora since it’s one of the few big brands that doesn’t test on animals! Big cred for that. Love, N 
                  – In collaboration with Isadora.

11:13 | November 5, 2017



Alone. I’m a person that loves to be alone. I love having a nice company but I don’t mind being home alone on a Friday night reading books, watch a movie or whatever. I have so many friends that needs to go out and party or to have company. I’ve never been like that and I really enjoy my own company. I’ve kind of always been like this. Loved to play alone or read books when I was younger. I think it’s important to spend time with yourself.

Music. I have a very wide music taste. I can listen to basically anything. One moment I’m playing Una Mattina by Ludvico Einadui and the other minute I’m playing reggaeton or Elvis Presley.

Experience. I would take a nice experience over a material thing any time. I just think a hike in the mountain, a small get away gives so much more.

Spain. As you know I’m from I’m from Sweden and born in Gothenburg. But I never want to move back to Gothenburg, I love the city I’m from it’s not about that. I’ve just become a more happy and motivated person since I moved to Barcelona. This city has given me so much. Even if I’m living a lone at the moment I’m really good here. I work a lot in the Spanish market and I want to continue doing that. I really see myself here in the future as well. I’ve already planned where I want my future house haha!

Brave. I wish I was more brave with some things. Sometimes I have hard to express what I want to say and sometimes I’m not brave enough to put actions to what I want. Normally I just need a small push from the people around me.

– Friends. I have very few friends but that I’m really close with. But I love having it that way. Many people asks me if I the blogger friends also are my real friends. And the answer is yes. I’ve found some really amazing people in this business that I’ve kept good contact with even if they live in Madrid, Germany or Sweden. I know we would continue being friends even if we didn’t have Instagram. I don’t know some people you just connect with really good and in my job I meet a lot of new people all the time.