7:40 | October 23, 2017

October inspiration.


I love October, in Barcelona. The sun is shining and it’s 25 degrees outside haha! No but I’m acutally missing the “real” autumn, I can’t wait until it becomes a bit cooler in Barcelona. Today I’m off to the dentist, the other day I bit myself on ice when I was going to drink water in the middle of the night and a bit piece of my tooth in the front broke. I have space between my teeth now, kind of look like the 12 year old me again. Not liking it with other words. I’m off to Paris this Friday-Sunday. Really excited, I have never been in Paris without being there for work so now I’m just going to take 3 days to feel and breath the city. I have a couple of friends there that I’m meeting up with as well, it’s always the best to hang out with locals. Been waking up really early these days and it feels great! Love being back to routines here in Barcelona. It’s been a lot of trips and parties these last 2-3 months and I just really want to have a gym/work/hang out with friends in a calm way kind of life. Well at least until some of my friends from Madrid are coming in November, never a calm moment with them haha. I have to get ready now, wish me luck in at the dentist. According to one of my dentist friends it’s going to be pretty hard to fix this..Love,N

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  1. eric on

    really well thought out layout for your site. keep up the posts 🙂 I think if you link this through your insta enough it might become its own shopping brand one day!


  2. Cocorebelista on

    Hola guapa! Deberias ir a Carlos Saiz Smile que esta al Passeig de Gràcia! Fui alli pa’ mis dientes y es el mejor dentista de Barna, si no de España. 🙂

    Carlos lo soluciona TODO 🙂

    Un beso bonita y mucha suerte!

  3. Zana on

    You used to be so motivated,excited,hyped and unstoppable!
    There was always smth new from you, something to look up to, and now we wait for ages for a single sentence.
    Please come back Tasch, I miss my favorite blogger in the world.


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