20:09 | October 7, 2017



Photos from Pinterest.

So I have a new apartment in the middle of Barcelona. New apartment = new project. A project that I enjoy though so I guess it will be fine. Everything is almost done except that I need a dining table, chairs and curtains. After that I’m going to focus more on the decoration and details. I’m still very much for the Scandinavian minimalistic interior but I’m going to try my best to add some colour to my home. I know that you guys want to see the apartment and I promise you when it’s more done I’m going to do a house tour and add some photos here on the blog. The photos above are from Pinterest and I’ve used them as an inspiration to my apartment. Like this but with more colours! One of my best friends here in Barcelona,  Emma is going to help me with the plants and flowers and my other friend Amanda is going to help me with curtains and decoration. Both of them are really good in these things so I’m lucky! I hope you’re having a great weekend. Love, N

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  1. Sofia on

    Hejsan, jag är ny här och har inte så bra koll men fastnade nu här på bloggen eftersom du bor i Barca. Kan du inte tipsa om vilka områden som du gillar bäst? Och vilka områden du tycker man ska bo i- säkrast och så? Jag kanske flyttar dit i januari så jag skulle uppskatta alla tips jag kan få! Du verkar vara en riktigt härlig och skön tjej, jag är glad att jag hittade hit!


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