6:56 | October 4, 2017



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I picked out some pieces that I would love for my autumn closet. I think that these pieces are very me, I have both the black and the white jacket. I tried to choose things in the collage that works to mix with each other. If you look at the fake leather skirt it goes perfect with the mustard yellow shirt as well with the fluffy black jacket and so on. The same with the jeans and jeans skirt. I’m really thinking about ordering the mustard yellow shirt, big fan of this colour during autumn. This colour + red lips. By the way it’s still to warm in Barcelona to wear jackets and to be honest I’m not liking it at all. I can’t wait to be able to wear my autumn jackets and dress a bit more fall. I feel like it’s still summer here since I see people on the streets with shorts and t-shirts. I guess my Swedish followers wants to kill me while reading this but I’m really done with summer. It’s time for breakfast now and then I have the first meeting of the day. Love, N

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