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So this autumn I have decided to focus a lot more on the blog so now I need your help. What do you guys want to read about and how often should I update? Fashion inspiration, outfits, interior, daily photos, tips? For me it’s also very important that you like the content here in the blog. I’m so excited for this so let me know in the comment field!  Love, N

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  1. Charlen on

    Hey 🙂
    I would like you to post your daily ouftifs !!! And more personal stuff about you such as :
    – What are your plans for the future?
    – Next trip ?
    – Your mood days … ?
    Anyway I am really happy you’re back, i have missed you beautiful!

  2. Gabriela on

    Everyday life,your travels,fashion outfits…basically your life.
    So happy you are back.
    Somebody told me that It’s so hard to forget someone who gave you so much to remember. So Stay strong!
    Lots of Love

    • frida on

      what has happened? did she broke up with her boyfriend? hope i’m not intruding, not my intention to snoop around, and feel fre to remove my comment or just don’t answer

  3. Kenza on

    Having only daily pictures of your life and outfit would be lovely ! And this way it would also be easier for you to update ! so happy you’re back blogging, i’ve missed reading you!

  4. Dirk on

    So happy you’re back!
    I really like the vlogs, the travel- and dailylife posts.
    But I think you should go on just the way you did before…
    the entire Blog (and vlog) is fantastic!

  5. ila on

    Allt som har med vardagen att göra. Har alltid älskat dina uppdateringar kring vad du gör osv, även om det handlar om en fika. Kan relatera till dem uppdateringarna vilket gör läsandet kul!

    Kul att du är tillbaka.


  6. Alzbeta on

    I missed you sooo much! I would like to see more outifts, beauty or travel tips 😊 Maybe, where to go in Barcelona, some good spots. And just do what you do the best, be yourself nás share with us your daily life.

  7. Meltem on

    I loved how you were so personal. It seemed like we know you in person which is why I have always admired you and never stopped visiting your blog. Travel and fashion posts were also very nice but my favorite was the daily life talk. I’m happy that you’re back and hope you feel better! Take your time and post whatever you want. I’m sure we all enjoy any post.
    Much love and hugs to you!!

  8. Cassie on

    So incredibly happy you’re back!! 😀

    I would love to read about fashion and outfits – your personal style is incredible and you’re such an inspiration. Vlogs are always fun, maybe do a haul, just let us follow you for a day, talk about what you think is a well-composed outfit and how you reason when choosing your outfit etc. Or maybe one when you’re cooking or something. Since you go to the gym it would be nice to see your workout routines and draw inspiration from that. It would be nice with one post/day if you have time, and more only if you really want to yourself.

  9. Tess on

    your daily life, when u talk about yourself your feelings etc the way you did it before.. we felt very connected with you that’s what makes you different from other bloggers who are super advertising machines;;; but now it feels like you don’t like talking about yourself anymore maybe im wrong but anyway Im glad that u’re back since i ve been following u since the beginning

  10. Annalisa on

    I really like outfit inspiration/ideas, daily pics but I’d like you to share with us also tips and things like that. You’re amazing! Wish you an amazing week.

  11. Hanna Bengtsson on

    Hurraa! Har längtat efter detta, haha 🙂
    Jag vill att du skriver om din vardag. Jag flyttade från Götlaborg till Barcelona från en dryg månad sedan och älskar att hitta nya godbitar runt om i stan. Sitter just nu på Federal i Gotic men inser ju att jag varit här lite för många gånger se senaste veckorna 😉 Jag behöver tips!

  12. P.Kay | Nasklee on

    Well, to be honest with you, I would love to see any kinds of pictures. I LOVE your pictures and am always really inspired when it comes to angles, colors, editing, photos themselves and always tell my boyfriend to look at your blog and instagram, because he is the one taking my pictures, haha! 😀

    { n a s k l e e }

  13. frida on

    love you videos, but they are quite hard to scroll trough, so more small posts per day (like exercising, food tips, pictures of ur neighborhood, barcelona tips, weekend plans etc) more often would be really fun!

  14. Llana on

    I am so glad to see you back updating your blog! I’ve missed your posts but more so your vlogs! I think you and Oscar are great at filming and putting together videos.
    I would like to see more ‘every pictures’ and posts – where you went for lunch, what you did that day, maybe what you eat/cook, how you’re feeling, what your plans are for the future etc. More about Barcelona! Hope this helps.


  15. Sofia on

    Hej vackra du! Håll bloggen blandad med vardagsbilder, matips, skönhet, mode, träning resor ja allt du vill dela med dig av! Du inspirerar mig och många andra! Kramar

  16. Naiara on

    Recetas, tu dia a dia, outfits de tiendas baratas (zara..), compras (decoración, ropa, maquillaje, cosméticos), house tour, planes de futuro, como te planteas la vida ahora, nos explicarás un poco qué ha pasado con Oscar? Os hemos visto siempre taaaan bien! Es definitivo? Quién tomó la decisión? Volverás a suecia? Bienvenida de nuevo! Te hemos echado mucho de menos!

  17. Rosana on

    Yayyy welcome back! 🙂
    We would love for you to blog like before, daily life, your thoughts, what you did today etc. Also some Barcelona tips would be nice 🙂

  18. Lizzie on

    Fall and winter fashion and outfits! I loved the inspiration collages of your style that you did with links to similar pieces too! 🙂

  19. Ella on

    I personally love your vlogs, travel updates, photos and just daily life updates (like how your new apartment is coming along – I’m so excited to see it!). Probably the key is uploading content that YOU want to upload. I think if you are passionate about something, it really comes across and as readers, we love that 🙂 – well I do anyway! As for how often to upload, that really depends on how much time you have. Once a week is enough to keep me engaged but I know some readers may want more than that.


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