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So guys, no more excuses, I’m back on track! You know I’ve gone though a lot of stuff these last months. Anyway it feels so good to be back in Barcelona, my home. Back to routines. I love to travel and I love that my work never is the same. But I’m also a very “home” person. I love being home, schedule my week and have routines. And I really feel like I need that after 1,5 month of none stop travelling. I’ve been in Malibu, Kiruna, New York, Madrid, Milan, Cannes and Paris. Amazing memories in each city but I’m so ready to be home now haha!  I haven’t shared posts in a while so I thought I would start sharing some photos from Cannes, I was there some days ago with Isadora. I was there with some other Swedish bloggers and we had a really great time together even though I was really sick the second day. I have done a vlog from every trip so that will be up very soon!Today I’m having a meeting with Guess and then I’m going to search for a gym in my new neighbourhood. Love, N

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  1. Helena Hatzipemou on

    Hey emelie, I was looking through your instagram pictures. there’s one from september in New York where you’re wearing checkered pants. Are they really from Zara? I can’t find them anywhere!

  2. Ingrid on

    oooh, I am so happy that you are back! Have missed your blog posts!
    Hope you are well, hugs from a fellow Viking (Norwegian) overseas, Australia 😀

  3. Ner on

    Will you ever say that you and Oscar are no longer together? I mean no the reasons of course, but just the statement of it? I mean i think all your followers know that you are not together and i’ve seen in some answers of you saying that you are not with him. But you haven’t told to all your followers, you have been showing your relationship for years,and now in my opinion we’re lost. Even though im so sorry and eventually it’ll pass, you are strong women!!! I love your content and you! But miss the real you in the vlogs.


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