17:31 | September 1, 2017



All the products I’ve been using in the video will be linked in the description box! (Here)

So guys it’s time for a new video! This time I’m going to do something I don’t do that often but that was very requested. The video is a collaboration with Isadora which is a Swedish make up brand I’ve been using since my teenage years. My absolute favourite product was the mascara, I’ve never tried a mascara that you can turn to make it long and short and I really liked the result as you can see in the video. It gave me really long lashes! When you make it shorter it’s supposed to give you a very intense look but even with the long I think I got it so I really recommend it. I hope you liked the tutorial, I will make more in the future for sure. Love, N

– In collaboration with Isadora



15 Responses to “DAY VS NIGHT”

  1. Dirk on

    I’m not really into makeup-‘things’, I’d rather watch your travel- or adventurevlogs (don’t blame me 😉 ) But no matter… everytime I watch your vlogs you make me smile again. I’m enjoying everyone of it (even if it’s about makeup), just because of your fantastic humour and your funny expressions. You are so good in what you are doing and you are so inpiring to all of your followers. And same to Oscar ofcourse. Love you guys! xx P.S. Have a nice time in Sweden.

  2. Naiara on

    Will you explain what happened to Oscar like that all of a sudden? a few months ago you moved, the videos together, you looked so good … How do you plan your life now, will you go back to Sweden?

  3. Gabriela on

    Hello Natasha,
    I love your style,blog,vlog,…but I think that as your followers and suporters that we are, we deserve an explanation or just tell us what happened with Oscar?? We are worried about you both, and you don’t say anything, and peolple keep asking you, Why not explain and clear everything?
    Anyway..hope you both are doing well.

  4. Anna on

    Hi, I have a Barcelona question I hope you can give me some help with. I am moving from Norway to Barcelona to study, and I am looking for a place to live, do you have any recommendation about which areas I should look in and/or to avoid? Would appreciate your help since I am not that familiar with the city… Big (online) hugs!


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