22:38 | August 23, 2017


Outfits By: EMITAZ,Wanderlust


Dress: Foray Collective // Shoes: Aloha Sandals // Bag: Gucci // Necklace: Maria Pascual

Photos by: Belen Hostalet

I’m back from Malibu! Took a little break when I was there since I was really jet lagged all the days. Anyway I had so much fun with Belen, we’ve been neighbours for some years (without knowing) but never really hanged out together until now. I have so much fun with her and we have 5 trips booked with each other these 2 months, so excited for it! She is from Barcelona so we get booked on many things together which is so fun. First up is an event with Stradivarius in the beginning of September. Sorry that I’m a bit off on Youtube these weeks, going through quiet a lot at the moment with so many different things. In just 1 week you will understand. Love, N


13 Responses to “MALIBU”

  1. xdianarocha on

    That dress is everything, my goodness! So so so pretty. You look stunning!
    It’s been a while since I’ve come to the blog, I’m always on instagram loving your outfits and everyday pictures, but I’ve missed this. I’ve been reading through the latest posts and it seemed like you’ve been through not so good times, but life gets better! You’re so full of joy, you’re most certainly going to have all that happiness back. ❤ You deserve everything good.
    On another note, I’m loving all your posts with Belén and vice-versa. I’ve “known” Belén from instagram for some time now, and you from there and the blog and youtube. You’re both two of my favourites and it’s so cool that you’re friends now. Double beauty, double inspiration!

    besitos de Portugal ❤

  2. Helena Hatzipemou on

    Hey emelie, I was looking through your instagram pictures. there’s one from september in New York where you’re wearing checkered pants. Are they really from Zara? I can’t find them anywhere!


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