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Drinking tea in the living room and studying Spanish at the moment. Going all in with the Spanish now, I have forbidden my Spanish friends to talk to me in English haha. Watching series, movies with Spanish subtitles and listening to Spanish songs. Since I’m finally in Barcelona one full month I really want to take these moments of learning. Well almost one month here, Malibu for 4 days. My mom is also studying Spanish right now and she’s a killer when it comes to languages, I couldn’t live with myself is she becomes better than me haha. Anyway have a nice day! Let’s do this. Love, N

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  1. Ioanna K. on

    One of my favourite hair color you had is the one in your picture with the view, I think it suits you perfectly! Good luck with your Spanish, its such a beautiful language ! You could have some e-classes through skype with your mum to test her level haha. ❤

  2. Anonim on

    A por ello!! Una manera de practicar sería subtitular tus vídeos en Español! Lo echo de menos! La verdad que me servían mucho para aprender inglés, ya que sin subtítulos no acabo de entenderlos…. sniiiiiffff 🙁

    Un beso guapa!

  3. Carlotte on

    Great inspiration, thank you 🙂
    I have been practicing my German with the app Duolingo. Your level of Spanish might already be too high for that, but maybe it’s worth the try! You can use it daily for 10 min or something and it’s actually quite fun.
    Good luck, you can do it!!

  4. Nadia on

    I feel you…I am also learning Spanish. I love Spain, so I hope that one day I will speak Spanish with the locals. I am happy that you are back with blogging. I check your blog every morning..It’s kinda my routine.😊 Un beso💋

  5. Sara Luca Nagy on

    I have a hard time with Spanish too, and my situation is quite similar to yours. My boyfriend is from Argentina and now we are on a vacation with his parents and they all talk in Spanish. It bothers me that I cannot join the conversation so I decided to learn it myself too. Good luck for you!

  6. Marioness on

    Haha! As you’ve been practicing Spanish maybe I should start talking to you in Spanish as well!
    Hola, me encanta tu blog. La foto que me gusta más es la de la pared rosa y la del mar. <3


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