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I remember that you liked when I did a inspiration collage of my own style and then linked similar pieces under so I’m going to start with that again. Something I’m really into right now are dots, mom jeans (been into these forever though), leather skirts and mesh tops. I think that the leather skirt and mesh tops gives you a bit edgy look. I like to match cute pieces with more edgy pieces. I found all these clothes on Gina Tricot a shop I used to spend all my money in when I was younger. I’m a big fan of their jeans because they always fit perfect. I guess I’m not the only one struggling finding a pair of nice jeans. I normally have a size 34 in their jeans, XS in their tops and S on dresses. Happy shopping! If you want more of these posts let me know! Love, N

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5 Responses to “GET MY STYLE”

  1. karin on

    Yeyy! Mer inlÀgg i bloggen <3
    TÀnke bara frÄga, Àr din svarta Gucci marant vÀska i storleken "mini" eller större?
    Vill bestÀlla en men fattar inte storlekarna, storleken pÄ din ser perfekt ut =)

  2. Marioness on

    So happy you are back! I’m totally in love with your style and this post was so helpful!
    Keep creating new things because I love all what you do!!!


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