9:41 | August 9, 2017




Been reading through my latest 100 comments from you guys. MISSED YOU! It feels like I’ve disappointed so many of you but if you only knew what I’ve been through I think you would understand it. I’m sorry. Not been here since April/May for a reason, it’s been a lot of things on my mind. And I really don’t feel like writing about it on my social media. Anyway I’m back with new and positive energy! I have many trips and jobs to look forward to so I’m really excited for that. I have said no to many jobs in August just to enjoy and have a calm month for myself and just focus on me. I love to spend time on the beach, nature, gym and that’s exactly what I’ve been up to the last 3 weeks. I really needed that. Going on a small work trip to L.A the 18-21 but that’s basically it. Fashion week (September) is around the corner and I know it’s going to be a month filled with 100 different things so I’m really going to enjoy these 3 last weeks of summer. Love, N

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  1. voula papazoglou on

    im happy that you came back your blog is so good and i know that you work hard thats why i follow everuwhere,you such a sweet girl hope that your sadness problems go soon away.kisses

  2. Rosana on

    We have missed you but we totally understand.. Whatever it is that you are going through, no matter how hard, you’re a strong girl and you will get through it.. Besides, you will always have us ❤️

  3. Tiffany on

    U’re baaaack I’ve missed you! <3 I totally understand ! Girl enjoy as much as possible your life and take off when you need to take of don't worry we'll always be there for you and support you whatever you do! I send you lots of love angel and hope you had a great and relaxing time the last 3 weeks. Love you


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