20:24 | August 17, 2017



It hurts. Normally I know what to say but I’m out just of words today. All my thoughts are with the victims and their families of this horrible day in Barcelona.


6:54 | August 15, 2017



Photos from: Pinterest


Drinking tea in the living room and studying Spanish at the moment. Going all in with the Spanish now, I have forbidden my Spanish friends to talk to me in English haha. Watching series, movies with Spanish subtitles and listening to Spanish songs. Since I’m finally in Barcelona one full month I really want to take these moments of learning. Well almost one month here, Malibu for 4 days. My mom is also studying Spanish right now and she’s a killer when it comes to languages, I couldn’t live with myself is she becomes better than me haha. Anyway have a nice day! Let’s do this. Love, N

8:49 | August 14, 2017


Outfits By: EMITAZ

Top: HERE // Jeans: similar HERE // Boots: Jeffrey Campbell // Bag: Gucci // Sunglasses: HERE


Good morning! In just 4 days I’m off to Malibu with Belen. I was there in April during one day after Coachella and I really liked it. The beach was so beautiful in Malibu, hopefully it will be warmer this week so that we can swim because when we were there it was pretty cold so we couldn’t really enjoy the beach. I have some trips with Belen coming up this and next month so we are meeting up for lunch tomorrow to plan everything. Gym is on my schedule today and after that I’m off to Barcelona. Just signed a for a new adventure in the city. I’ll tell you more about it when it’s more official, which is in 2 weeks more or less. By the way I’m happy to be back on the blog! Love, N

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7:11 | August 11, 2017



1. HERE // 2. HERE // 3. HERE

4. HERE // 5. HERE // 6. HERE

I remember that you liked when I did a inspiration collage of my own style and then linked similar pieces under so I’m going to start with that again. Something I’m really into right now are dots, mom jeans (been into these forever though), leather skirts and mesh tops. I think that the leather skirt and mesh tops gives you a bit edgy look. I like to match cute pieces with more edgy pieces. I found all these clothes on Gina Tricot a shop I used to spend all my money in when I was younger. I’m a big fan of their jeans because they always fit perfect. I guess I’m not the only one struggling finding a pair of nice jeans. I normally have a size 34 in their jeans, XS in their tops and S on dresses. Happy shopping! If you want more of these posts let me know! Love, N

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7:48 | August 10, 2017


Outfits By: EMITAZ

Dress: Revolve HERE // Earrings: Zara


One of my looks from The Hamptons with Revolve. I love the silk material and the colour of it. I think you can dress this one up but also in a casual way just adding a pair of sneakers and a leather jacket. By the way I can’t wait for Barcelona to get a bit colder, I’m missing wearing jackets and autumn clothes. I never thought I would say it but it’s been so warm here, over 30 degrees everyday the last month and I’m tired of it. Lats night was the first time it rained for weeks and it felt so good. I was sitting on my balcony for hours with Emma. Both of us enjoyed the smell of rain hitting the warm ground, it’s just something special with that smell right? Today the sun is back on track though and I’m off to the gym. Have a nice day! Love, N