5:28 | June 25, 2017

I’m back!



Shooting with Longines in Paris the other week. 


I’ve missed you guys! And the blog as well..I’m not going to update everyday from now on either but I’m going to update once in a while when I do something fun or when I want to share some tips with you guys. Love, N

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  1. Dirk on

    So Sooooo glad you’re back
    And ofcourse we have missed our favourite couple too!!
    But you’re so right, everyone needs to have a break once in a while
    and you know it’s really important to live your life, and enjoy it to the full
    Big hug!

  2. Flor on

    Miss u a lot!!! I understand that you have to take a break and enjoy the way..
    You has worked a lot, you deserve it <3

  3. Anonim on

    Me encantaba lo cercana que eras, eras diferente… ahora ya una más. Dónde están los posts de moda? Ahora sólo haces videos de tus eventos…. ya no encuentro inspiración… me entristece… Eras sin duda alguna la única chica/blogger/instagramer que seguía fielmente al 100% desde que te encontré (justo el verano que te viniste a vivir a Barcelona).
    Muchos besitos bonita!

    I loved how close you were, you were different … now one more. Where are the fashion posts? Now you only make videos of your events …. I can not find inspiration … it saddens me … You were undoubtedly the only girl / blogger / instagramer who faithfully followed 100% since I found you (just the summer that you You came to live in Barcelona).
    Many nice kisses!

    Lo siento por la mala traducción de google.

    • Is on

      I completly agree with you. She was so spontanious, natural, close to her fans.
      i miss that.
      No more vlogs, no more blogs..
      No more pics of her and oscar..

  4. Bridget on

    So sad to randomly come on here and realize you never update. Anni is right. You’re blog used to be so cool!!

  5. Johanna on


    I always find inspiration when looking through your blog!
    Can you make a post about what to wear as a guest to a wedding? Pleaseeeeee help 🙂

  6. Carla on

    Hey Natascha! We miss you so much here on the blog… can you post sometimes any article like photos from your trips (Paris, New York or in the Hamptons…)? I love you so much, your blog is my favorite ever and I am so sad… Fortunately they are your videos. I send you many kisses. I hope to see you one day. Continue beauty, you are very talented and nice… I wish you the best for your future! Carla


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